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Is that why you got your pink Bogner snowsuit?
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originally posted by Rotofury

It's funny ... this mentality that only those with hardcore skills and passion should ski, that the "GQ" types somehow don't deserve to ski on the best equipment, heck for some people on this board, even non-pro's who ask unsophisticated questions are mocked. It's like the reverse elitism of people who profess their refusal to own a televisoin. It's just another form of snobbery.
Good summary, interesting how those that profess to see it as a sport seem to want to use it as some form of social engineering to rid the slopes of non believers!.

Whether we like it or not, if the sport was restricted to the hard cores the costs would not decrease (unless someone has changed the basic laws of economics!) and we would have a lot less choice of places to ski. How much investment do we really think would occur without a wide audience to make it work? . I have seen ski-towns deteriorate when the market has declined and it has a pretty dire effect on those who depend on the industry and all the spin-offs to make a living .

If skiing is a sport it should be big enough for all from the occasional participants and the die-hards.

by Manus
everyone deserves to be able to ski and to ski with whatever they choose
interesting new take, any politicians offering this? - would save me having to buy new gear!

Just my (non PC) $0.02 (or £0.01) worth!!
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Originally Posted by ts01
Look, I don't care about GQ or Ski magazine ... I got my 6-stars because Melanie Griffith was holding a pair in People!
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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier
Just my (non PC) $0.02 (or £0.01) worth!!
I LOVE that! You forgot to add €0.015!
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Fun thread.

Yes, we all notice the people on the brand new high end gear, that are barely advanced skiers at best, and intermediates at worst. I think the main, root cause of all this is people overestimating their ablities, which as I recall there was a thread about just recently. These people are all "skiers", people that identify themselves as enthusiasts of the sport, and probably ski 10+ days a year. Problem is that they either have marginal ablity or are not in good shape, or both. But, they think they are pretty good, so they buy top of the line gear. $1000 for skis and bindings, and ski shops get that from upper-middle class adults, easily. The good counter to all this is the short ski craze. For example - I'm a expert, I have one "gaper" ski in my quiver, the xtra hot, tho I ski it in a 185 cm and like it for certain things (high angle carving). Ski shops can put a gaper guy my weight (180 lb), on 165 cm xtrahot, and it will basicly feel like a intermediate ski, and won't give him any trouble. So that's good. It's funny though, with the xtra hot, I get very little respect from other experts that don't know me and haven't seen me ski, as opposed to when I'm on stockli's or whatever. They just look at the boards and start thinking, "WTH are you doing on those things, gaper." So it does go both ways.
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Actually I think the superspeed might not be that bad for someone reading GQ and deciding to go skiing, so long as he was not afraid of a little speed. He would stay on well-groomed slopes and make highspeed long radius turns. No problem. It's really pretty easy do do and doesn't require that much skill. Now if they were advocating slalom race-stock ski's, it would be funny.
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Originally Posted by Manus
..... people drop all this money on equiptment that is not needed, which in turn drives up the overall cost for those who do need/can properly use the equiptment.

Wouldn't producing more of a particular model (even if it is unsuited to lower level skiers) tend to drive down the price?
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ts01, Is that you Don Johnson? You need to get over Melaniem and get a life. Besides what the h*ll are you doing buying new skis? Didn't you just file for bankruptcy?
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Hey guys looking good has always been part of the skiing culture ever since wild nordic sweaters and strech pants right through to highly functional extreme gear, unlike snowboarding were looking like crap is part of the culture.

The truth is we all start by wearing what we have while we accumulate functional equipment, the difference is that skiers don't mind if it looks good while snowboarders maintain the cultural pretence that it must be practical while still looking like crap.
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