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Alta Snowpine Lodge?

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Has anyone stayed at the Snowpine? How's the food and accommodations?

They have a smoking good deal for the next two weeks and I was thinking of staying there when the next storm hits.

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We stayed at Snowpine Lodge about four years ago and loved it. If I recall correctly, it's the oldest lodge in Alta. Very small, charming in a rustic way, and bermed into the hillside for avalanche protection. The food was great and the guests were interesting. No negatives to report, although if you're looking for a "fancy" place, you'd do better elsewhere (e.g., the Rustler). The special you pointed to sounds great, and -- hey, you'll be skiing at Alta, so you can't go wrong!

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this will be my third christmas trip to the pine; a family i met there will be
on their 12th consecutive.

cheapest in alta, includes brkfst and dinner, ski in ski out, hot tub
what more can you ask for.

its not the ritz carlton but alan and his crew will take care of you just
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