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Ideal Snowmaking Weather

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What is considered ideal snowmaking weather? The weather report for the week (Killington) appears to be high 30's with a day of rain (and a day of snow flurries). I am going for the weekend and just wondering if these conditions will hamper snowmaking.
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28 degrees F
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Mid 20's
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The most recent weather reports showed lows in Albany to be below 30 most nights. That shoild mean pretty good snowmaking at Killington.

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The ideal weather conditions for making snow are dependent on temp. and humidity. Moderate humidity and temps in the 20's F are good conditions for making snow. Too humid and you need to have colder temps. Look to see what the dew point is for Killington. If the dew point is above 32F and high humidity (above 50%), then it's not going to be good conditions for snow making. When temps are cold and humidity is low, that's a good recipe for dry man made snow. (Good for skiiers that is.)
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