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Just thought I would throw this out, since the Head S/RS line is new this year. I spent some time trying on the RS80/100 yesterday (shell-fit) and they are pretty roomy for the size. I had a good 1 and 1/2 finger width behind my heel in on the 25.0 (I wear a size 8 and most 25.0's are at 1 finger width). Boot sole length is 297. It may be worth noting if you are borderline between sizes. This was not the case with last year's SH97 (the predecessor to the RS100). That boot was much smaller in the same size. Anyways, I am excited to ski them more when we have snow-the upright stance is perfect for me, and the boot feels middle-of-the-road weight-wise for a high-end boot. I feel very neutral in the boot, both laterally and up/down.

I have also found this to be true with the Fischer Soma F9000 I just tried on-in 25.0, I had 2 fingers. Basically, you may want to downsize 1 shell for that boot-my 25 felt like a 26! Wierd, since the sole length is only 289mm.

The reason I posted this is that I find length information interesting when special-ordering boots that I couldn't try on locally. Not sure if anyone else does though, but thought I would help out if I could :-)