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What's in your kit?

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For those of you who care for your own ski's, tell us what's in your travel kit; Assuming your away from home for a week.

For example:
Wax?, file?, iron?

I've searched the threads, but am looking for a simple, easy way to care for our skis during a week on the mountain.
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seriously. usually just a stone to deburr edges. everytime i've brought wax, i never bother to wax, so i find it's not worth the weight. i'm usually having a good visit with jack when i'm away from home for skiing and when i visit with jack, i can't safely operate an edge tuner, either. if i was ambitious, an edge tuner, a stone, iron, wax, scraper, and buffer brush with hard and soft bristles. real base repair can wait.

i just bring two pairs of skis and that solves the problem.

don't forget the flask!
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In my jacket I have a small stone, medium diamond stone, and sometimes a small piece of wax, and a maybe a cork.

In my bootbag on a 2-3 day trip I take all of the above plus a Ray's Way wax wizard, a Moonflex diamond stone, an SVST side bevel guide, a clamp, a very small spray bottle of cutting solution like Secret Sauce, and some fiberlene. I am sure I am missing some stuff.

I haven't been on a long ski trip yet but I am sure I would want to hot wax at least once or twice on a 5+ day trip.
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Not much of a jack guy, but I'll admit, a little double barrel on the rocks is not bad.
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I take as much as I can. I have a portable table, so I take at least one iron (I also have a Toko wax pot from a long time ago if I need to wax many skis). Wax box with various binding parts. Tuning box with replacement buckles, powers straps, spare toe and heel interfaces, various files, stones, guides, brushes, brake retainers, elastic bands, scrapers, torch, P-tex. I generally drive to where I go and I have a rather large truck (Ford F-350 4x4 Supercab Longbox w/ 6.0L Turbo Diesel) so I have room to take everything, even if I have two tents and 40 pair of skis.
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A couple of Flexon buckles, and rivets.
toko vise
scotch brite pads
Fuente 8-5-8's
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Iron, hydrocarbon all-temp wax, two plastic scrapers, Fiberlene, combination brush (brass & nylon), scotch brite, edge tuner (various grit of stones), Test Pilot Race Paste, screwdriver, and one binding tool. If I have to get base repair done - I tend to let the shop do it for me. If I have enough room in my suitcase, I'll bring a vise.

And some good beer (NOT light beer), some schnapps or grappa.
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I don't do any tuning myself, but I'd like to deburr edges on the slope/mountain. What stone should I use to do this? thanks.
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A small pocket stone or gummi will do the trick for on-the-slope deburing.

For travel gear, it's everything I have.

Wax box
Various files
Diamond & gummi stones
Bevel guides
Ptex candles
Wax remover
Binding screwdrivers
Brass & nylon brushes
Tuning gloves

So far everything (vise excluded) barely fits in my $8 Wal-Mart toolbox. Until that starts to overflow, which will happen soon, I'll continue to just haul the whole thing around.

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My kit resides in a large toolbox...about 26 inches long by 10 wide long, and 12 deep, with a pull-out tray, and a compartment up top for extra stuff...It goes to every race I do, and usually travels with me on extended trips...It holds:

1 set Ski Man Double Ski Vise Pro
Wax. Every sort.
My iron
Files, fileguides, gummi stones, diamond stones
water bottle for waterbrushing
A small battery-powered drill and charger
screwdrivers, and bits for multi-drivers
elastics for brakes
tex pads
Duct tape

Basically, all my tools go with me. I just need to spring for the portable Wintersteiger belt/stone grinder/ceramic disk system.
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I have the Skiman Pro vice coming in the mail to replace the Profi (pisses me off). Before, I was a worried that it might be tad bulky to lug around. Now knowing that someone carries around the double version makes me feel a little better about getting the big jaw version.

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I´m the second one with a portable service table (SWIX - Toko or Holmenkol are better, I know - but that´s sponsorship ).
Also: a small portable iron vice (not the ski vice), a lamp to the table, a magnifying glass to inspect some minor problems, a hot-air gun, mostly a drill.
Adding usually 5-8 pairs of skis that´s enough for one person (me) to fill the Volkswagen Passat station-wagon.
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