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Anyone have any info on the Stockli 99/00 Laser AX-R? Dimensions, experience?

Also Anyone tried the Raver XP? 120/68/109, 11m @ 162cm.
I know someone who skis an Elan super shape in I think 163 and I'm trying to talk him into trying this ski. His is a few years old, laminate construction, "race" something on it and is bright green. Loves it but is looking for next year. I have a feeling he'd like this ski too. (and I want to try it!).
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The 99-00 AX-R has the same side cut as the 00-01 AX-R. However, the taper angle on the 00-01 is higher (proprotionally wider tip with narrower tail). Also the 00-01 is wider overall. These changes reflect trends in GS skis in general. I ski both. Both are good. Plates will make as much of a differences as the skis. I don't have the dimensions on the top of my head.
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