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shortish G3's?

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Just picked up a pair of G3's in 163 cm length and was wondering if anyone ever had skied this on the short range. I'm 5'9, 170 lbs, usually ski a 170cm Dynastar Speed SX on east coast, level 8 skier I'd guess. I'd been looking at midfats on eBay in 170-180 range for the occasional deeper snow or crud day here but these were going for next to nothing and I have poor impulse control. Think they'd serve any purpose, or should I pass them on to a shorter friend?
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If I was selling you a pair at a shop, I would have put you on the 177 for your size and ability. Having said that, I have never been on a pair that short. I am similar to your size and weight and own the 184.
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I'm 5'10'' and around 150lbs and use 163cm G3s for just screwing around skiing the hills in Michigan. They're fun to ski on I like the fact they're a bit smaller.
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They are pretty nice all-around skis, and I preferred them in the 170 for me (I weigh in at 180). The 184 was too much work, I think. They'll be worth playing with, and you may be pleasantly surprised...
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Thanks for replies. Related question - haven't received the G3s yet, it looks like the bindings (salomon s810) is probably mounted for a smaller boot than mine. Correct to assume these can be remounted fairly easily w/o harm to ski?

I guess my thought was to use them like Ziegler42, I ski mostly smaller hills. My other short option is another pair of Volkls - P50 slaloms in 156 length, which I picked up over the summer, again next to nothing on eBay, for more fun on the hard pack. I'll decide which one to keep (or convince my wife it's perfectly sane to keep them both) after I get a chance to ski them both, but the input here certainly helps in forming expectations.
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