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Hey Mikewil!

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Good Luck this week, Mr Ski&Golf! Just don't get too used to those Florida temps!
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Q school?
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Thanks Lisamarie

Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Good Luck this week, Mr Ski&Golf! Just don't get too used to those Florida temps!

I am so ready to put this PGA education program to bed. I wish the exams were today. Well, maybe Thursday and Friday are OK. Still need to rehearse my presentation a bit an get the timing down to exactly 15 minutes.

Friday nights graduation will be sweet, there will be a lot of memories, from the PAT Tour (the Playing Ability Test-which becomes a "tour" as many of us struggled to to prove we had a game credible of a professional, fail, go home work on your weaknesses and tee it up next time-sorta like cert exams, except we have to pass first to even get in the door)- to a lot of great people met at the previous checkpoints. Etc, etc.

Plus my good and great buddy John Morris from the Breckenridge Ski School (who is working in Florida this winter) will come up for graduation. It will be good to see John.

And knowing next summer I'll complete my service time requirement and be elected to membership in the PGA. That day will even be sweeter

The worst part is we don't even get to tee it up down there. But after today a few days of 80 degrees will be nice.

And just in case there will be a few extra resume's in the bag. Ya never know when opportunity will knock so be prepared.

Of course I still have to pass those tests so back to the books. Think I'll start with Stupidvising and Delegating.
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Good luck on the tests, Mike. You sound confident and ready.
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Thanks Nolo,

We are definitely ready-I just want to meet my internal goal of a 90+ average for the program.
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Best of luck Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Think I'll start with Stupidvising and Delegating.
Sounds right, Mike. Have a great trip, and knock 'em dead!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

"We had the best of educations ... Reeling and Writhing, of course, to begin with, and then the different branches of Arithmetic--Ambition, Distraction, Uglfication, and Derision." --The Mock Turtle
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Hi Mike, You'll ACE it!!
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Thanks to all,

Just about to head down the hill to drop the hound at puppy camp then hide near the airport for tomorrows early flight.

Considering it was 22 below at the Breck Golf Course this morning (according to the radio-it is the Gold Run Nordic Center in winter) and 12 below at my abode 80 degrees for a few days is going to be welcome. Wow, a 100 degree swing.

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Mission Accomplished-Friday, December 3, 2004!!!!

The steak at the graduation dinner was the most expensive meal I've ever had-about $6,000-the cost of the entire course.
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Way to go, Mr. PGA!!!
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Hey Mike,
Great Job !!!
Knew you'd pass with no problems.

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Great news. Congrats.
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Way to go Mike!!!!! Knew you could do it!!!!
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Congratulations, Mike.
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Congratulation, Mike. But once you become a touring pro, wont that take you away from the snow all Winter?

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The tour

Originally Posted by Ott Gangl
Congratulation, Mike. But once you become a touring pro, wont that take you away from the snow all Winter?

Thanks Ott and all,

I'm saving the tour for my next life. I just want to be the best teaching pro I can. However, as I take a day of R&R today I plan to watch the finals of the Q-school on TV. I can't imaginge playing 6 days of golf and one shot, one freaking shot, over 6 days, may determine whether you fulfill your lifelong dreams and join the PGA tour next season or go back to the the Nationwide tour for another season. As tense as my two days in Florida were, I just can't imagine that stress level. I'd have to have my cardiologist on the bag carrying an AED. But I want to try in my next life.

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