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Vacation at Park City, UT

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Hi all,

I am looking to book a vacation from March 2-8th at Park City, UT. Here are my parameters:

- Arrive Wed. evening, fly out Tuesday.
- Want to be on the free shuttle route
- Must be able to sleep four (4) adults in separate beds
- There may be a fifth person, not sure yet
- Does not need to be fancy, but a kitchen would be good to have
- We're old enough where we want some amenities, but to not want the royal treatment

Does anyone have any travel agents or suggestions on how to do this? It looks like renting a car is the thing to do. I want to spend a fair amount of time at Deer Valley, but would be interested in hearing about the other two mountains from readers of this community. I was thinking about a day trip to Alta, but not sure if a six day trip needs to take us all the way over there.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations (or a place) in the area that they would consider renting to responsible adults, let me know. My personal goal is to find some nice, steep groomers. I have a pair of 5 stars I'm ready to try out .

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

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You would likely get more replies if you posted this in the correct forum.
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Originally Posted by ksv666
Hi all,

Does anyone have any travel agents or suggestions on how to do this?

Suggestion number 1: Don't go to Park City
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Park City

Some people can't resist being a smart-ass.

You would get more response in another forum, but I assume that you are looking for some collective wisdom from a group of very experienced skiers, many of them ski instructors, particularly with regard to the terrain and the Alta option.

>>Suggestion number 1: Don't go to Park City

Park City, and particularly Deer Valley seem to be ideally suited for what you want. Steep groomers are synonomous with DV and there are a million lodging options. Likewise, Park City has an abundance of blue groomers, as does The Canyons. Try Silver Queen and Tycoon for a couple of steep groomers at PC. There is no place in the world like Alta on a powder day, but it gets skied up pretty fast; likewise Snowbird. If you can catch some fresh snow or just want to see the most legendary ski area on the planet, by all means, go to Alta. It's about a 1-1/2 hour drive from PC. Otherwise, Park City may suit you better. Almost all the ski lodging, nightlife, and associated activities in Utah are centered in PC. The snow should be great in early March.

Try http://www.skiparkcityutah.net/ for Park City lodging information. Please don't listen to idiots that have nothing constructive to offer.

Have a great time in PC!!

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Went to Utah and Breckenridge for 4 days each!

I got to try my new Volkl 5 Star - 182cm. I am cross referencing a recent board I got slurped into.

Net-net: Love the skis, have the Garmin 60CS, skied all 8 days. A couple of Garmin pics and some ski shots.

The Garmin is awesome...best thing I've bought recently.

Here ya go for a look...



Tahoe just got two feet of snow March 19th!!! But I just can't take the time to go now. We'll see in a month or so how things look
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