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How to check base/edge angles?

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Does anyone know of a way to check what the base or edge angle is on a ski? Is there a tool or way to determine what the angles are?

I'd like to be able to check my gear to see exactly what the base/edge angles are, esp after having your skis tuned at the the shop. It would be nice to know if they did indeed put the 3 degree edge angle you asked for, etc..

I've had 1 bad experience when I got some skis tuned at a shop and ended up with 0 degree base bevel at the tip & tail. Of course they were hooky as hell, and ended up ruining a good couple of days of skiing before I figured out that it was the skis and not me !! The shop fixed the problem, but it would have been nice to be able to check the tune before you hit the slopes
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How to identify base and side edge angles

posted by skidoc here
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There are machines too. The SVST pro bevel meter, for example. It can be yours for a mere $260. I believe Tognar sells some simpler metal bracket-type things for more like $60. Whether they are more accurate than using a true bar I couldn't say.
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Use a black magic marker, file guides of various degree, and a fine diamond stone.

Mark along a section of edge. Put the diamond stone into the file guide of the angle you want to test, and run it over the mark you made a few times. Inspect the mark. If it's removed cleanly, you've got the right angle. If only the top or bottom is off, you've got too much or too little of angle.
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I have to ask, is it really that important. If your edges are set at 1 and 2 and the edge hold is good what do you care. All the shops must do some type of calibration on there machines.

I tune my own skis and use the SVST 93 edge guide. I assume it is 93 I have no reason to doubt it. I also have had one of the machinest at the Aero-Space company I work for make me one. I can assure you we work to much tighter tolerances then the normal machine shop. I can't tell the difference between the two 93 edge guides when I ski.

If you feel you want more edge hold, get a 93 edge guide and a 100 and 200 grit MoonFlex stones and tune your own, and feel the difference. It really doesn't matter if your guide is off by a few thousands/minutes.

When I do a major tune I'll use the black marker so I can see the edge and the amount of material I removing. I use a Panser file to do the first couple of cuts. Then finish with the moonflex stones.

For daily maintenance I use the 200 grit about three or four times down the edge. Wipe the edge with a towel and put them back in the ski room so there ready for the next ski day.
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Some very good advice on ways to check the angles here.. Thanks! I was skiing my r11's last weekend and I noticed the edge grip on the hardpack was not quite what it should be. I quick check using skidoc's method shows too much base bevel (2 degrees), so that explains the grip problem. I guess I'll have to bring them back in and get them retuned
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