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viper vs cobra (not cars)

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viper at 167 vs cobra at 174. I've been skiing for 20 years and consider myself at least a strong intermediate. I am 5'10" 150#. I prefer long cruising runs, and my main weakness is moguls, although I would like to get better at it. My previous skis are rentals. Thanks in advance for anybody's input.
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I thought the Tpower Viper and Cobra were both shorty slalom skis...no? Both are pretty snappy...viper being more so out of both of them, but are stable at speed. If you like long arcing turns, try the k2 axis (blue skis...not the Axis X which are red). You might like the atomic beta ride 9.22 as well.

If you had to chose between the two that you mentioned, i would go with the cobra. It's more forgiving and if you go backseating in it, it won't end up tossing you off like the Viper would. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I've skied both skis and own the Viper version in a 174. I've also skied the race version of the T Power series and the difference is miniscual. I believe that this years cobra was last years Viper so evidently Rossi couldn't tell the difference either. They all ski alike. And I love them every where on the mountain. They are especially friendly in the bumps and on groomers. Not the best in sloppy conditions or powder and definitly not good off piste. I'm 5'9" and 185-200 lbs. If you aren't the best skier, opt for the 160 to 167, don't go for the 174, you won't need it. You can take it from here. Don't let anyone push the K2 on you, The T Power series is superior.

By the way, any shorty slalom ski will not be friendly in the back seat position, whatever it is. You have to ski these babies centered.

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[ahem] Lars? exCUSE me?! The T-powers and I are in love ON PISTE. The K2 Axis is a dream ski in any kind of serious snow - and not just for "long" turns. Get the right length, and the thing will go like a Porsche/Humvee. I have BOTH the T-Power [in 160, as I weigh 145 on a fat beer day] and the K2 Mod 7/8 [this year called the Axis] in 167. BOTH are GREAT skis, but if I had to choose between them, it would be the K2. The T-Powers are dynamite on the pavement but inferior off piste or in natural snow. The K2'a will go through or over ANYthing. Just less fun on ice, which sucks anyway.
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I have the T-Power Viper X in a 181 cm. I'm 46, 5' 11", 175#. I got the Viper X mainly for moguls & the length is perfect. I should point out where I ski, Bridger Bowl, the moguls are the big, old-fashion kind. If I were back at my old mountain in Oregon with its shorter moguls I'd think about the 174.

Oboe - I have skied the Axis X (not the 7/8) & think it is a fantastic ski but the Viper X smokes it in moguls, short turns & on hard snow.
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Now Oboe! I specifically said they were lacking in the deep pow, off piste and crud. But, jellybeans key thought was "getting better in moguls" which makes the Viper a better choice cause they rip in moguls. I didn't mean to slight anyones K2's especially yours. Now, I'm stating this because I ski almost every day with a friend who has the Axis and they shine every where but the bumps. I have used them and I prefer the Viper. I also think that had you gotten the Viper in a longer length you wouldn't have needed to buy the K2. The K2 is more friendly to you because it is more forgiving. Reason being it is longer and has more backseat to ride till you recover your balance. You get out of wack on those 160's and you're going to find yourself in the snow old buddy. If I could only own one ski for all conditions, it wouldn't be the T Power Viper. I bring out the Banditxx for the crud. But, for groomers, light pow, and moguls, I think the ski is the best i've been on in many years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

By the way, I see you're finally getting some snow!
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The Vipers are superior in the bumps but everywhere else on the mountain I'll take my Axis X's and make them work in the bumps. Hey, they did not do so bad on Granite Chief when it's entire vertical was bumped up.

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