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"Vail's New Dawn" Parking Garage $$$$!

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$500,000,000.00 , yes 1/2 a Billion planned for Vail Resorts to spend on real estate developments and assorted projects. That's a big number to improve their facilities. You'll still have to carry your skis a mile from the parking garages!

Speaking of parking garages, there's going to be a new one near the Golden Peak base and Christiania Lodge. The new underground garage will be within walking distance of Golden Peak! There will be 109 spaces available. Unfortunately, the cost of parking will be a little expensive!! You will have to buy the deeded parking space for only $100,000 or the larger one (for a Hummer no doubt) at the sale price of $135,000. Yes it's true! About $400 a sq.ft! Does each space have a bathroom too?

Here's the link: http://vail.snow.com/info/mtn.info.new.asp
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isn't this old news? I believe those $100k each parking spaces sold out in 6 hours.
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I didn't know it was "old news". Old or not, it is interesting.
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I've been to Vail exactly once about ten years ago for a week- what's not to like I suppose- but beside the lift ticket it cost $8 to park then, god knows what now- later, in a shop I asked where the sale rack was and was told "We have no sale rack- you're on vacation. Isn't the point to spend money? All this and the place is flat! I liked Beaver Creek better- ghetto for the rich- but I was with a handicapped skier and we parked and skied free.
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I was there in April, and they had plenty of stuff on sale.
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Originally Posted by SnowSnake
I was there in April, and they had plenty of stuff on sale.
I was also there in April and I was thinking the same thing. The shops in Lionshead were having fantastic end of season sales on both clothes and equipment.

You know, I always hear how everybody avoids Vail because it's so expensive. I guess it could be if you stayed slopeside and walked up to the window each day to buy your lift tickets, but otherwise I don't see all the fuss. As I said, we spent a week there in April and found it to be very reasonable as compared to skiing at the Mid Atlantic and North Eastern resorts. IMO, it gets a bad rap in this regard.

Now....if you're looking to buy something in Vail, that's another story.:
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I was there in January- I thought the ratio of pure skiing/ money extraction from tourists was pretty high-but I'm a Utah skier. The real reason I have a beef with Vail? I'll post in the "bad experiences" thread.
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Damn I didn't get my $135,000 out of my pocket fast enough. Think of the investment opportunity I missed. At that price I should have bought two. Maybe I could of gotten two side by side. One for my Lambo LM002 and one for the misses... but wait I'm single. May be Subaru would only need a small spot.

I have been to Vail twice and have enjoyed myself both times.
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If they would let you pitch a tent and camp on your parking space, it might be worth it! There are few certainties in life but I think its safe to assume that what you can do with that deeded parking space is very clearly defined and pitching a tent isn't one of them.

I love Vail and ski it cheap every spring. I think its a great place becasue it has so much terrain diversity and it skis top to bottom without much of a shelf in the middle. Usually every afternoon after lunch I try and ski 5 top to bottom Riva Ridge -Tourist Traps in a row. I'm pretty wasted after doing these 5 laps. Ghengis Kahn dropping in to the bottom of China Bowl is plenty steep for me. The bumps on Prima, Pronto, and Highline are tough enough for most mere mortals as well.

Anybody know when they will install a highspeed replacing Lift 10. I'd love to see that occur soon and have Blue Ox groomed a couple times a week.
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