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Camp Muir hike

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Want to know what hike to camp Muir (Mt. Rainier) in a nice weather looks like? Here is your chance to see http://public.fotki.com/StevensMan/hike_to_camp_muir/
Snow was great, a bit sketchy on top of Muir snow field, some exposed wind-polished ice (great edge hold on those patches), 5-8 inches of light powder from the middle to the bottom. Hit several rocks, but skiing was great, the best I’ve ever got at this place. It is great that ski lifts were removed from Paradise, hopefully they’ll never be installed there.
Hike from 5000 to 10000 ft. - Paradise to camp Muir, 3.5 hours up, 20 minutes ski down.
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I used to do that every year before the season started. Were you able to ski down to Paradise or did you have to stop at Pebble Creek? Nice pics.
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All the way down to Paradise. There were a lot of people skiing and boarding, more then usual.
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