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Snowbird for Thanksgiving

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I spent the holidays with my family at my in-laws. They live at the base of big cottonwood cny. My wife and kids had been there for a week while I stayed back home and worked. Arrived late wed. night and had a great day with the family. I had brought my gear just in case. My wife, without me asking, told me to go ski on friday. Shin high powder fell overnight. Best powder day I have had in a couple of years. Thanks to Dave @ christy's for showing me around. At 12:30 it was getting pretty blown out so I took one more tram up to the top. The driver got on the horn and said that mineral basin had just opened. More freshies for about another 2 hours. Epic start of what looks to be a promising year.
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That's what Thankgiving is about. Your thankful for your wife giving you the freedom to enjoy your day.

PS send some of that snow to us here in the east.
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Wow, your wife told you, you didn't even have to ask! My hero :
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I heart your wife...in a jealous ski related way of course
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You better buy that woman a great Christmas present.
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Skied the Bird all weekend and by Sunday it was killer! 30+inches, face shots, cold a true winter day! Mineral Basin was really bad on Sunday as the wind hammered it and there was two foot wind packed slabs everywhere.
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