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K2 Public Enemies

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Has anybody ever skied with the K2 Public Enemies, because I am contemplating buying a pair of them, and for my price range they look like a good deal, I ski everything from Park to backcountry.

Thanks for your help!
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Scalce just posted a review of the PE's in the gear forum. check it out.
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look back in the gear review fourm. i just bought a pair, and there was good discussion there.

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There are many threads on them.

Do a search up top to find all of them.
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aren't public enemies


essentaily the same ski as the piste pipe?


might save a few bucks and much cooler graphics imo.
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as far as I know, the PE and the Piste Pipe are VERY similar (slightly different dimentions), I have also been told that they are primarily the same ski.
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does anyone know the best mountings for these skies?
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Sorry wrong forum
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yep on the top side is almopst always best

Originally Posted by jimmy View Post

does anyone know the best mountings for these skies?
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