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New Ski Pants/Bibs. What to get?

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What's the best all-round ski pants/bibs?

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I got a set of "slalom" ski pants from garts for 49.99 on sale from 80 bucks, they work fantastic, I only wear normal underwear under them..no long johns or anything and they were plenty warm down to 9 degrees the other day skiing, even sitting on the lift they were warm.
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Originally Posted by rob
What's the best all-round ski pants/bibs?


What a loaded question, you'll get lots of replys or very few.

First you should decide how deep your pockets are. Then how often you plan to use them. Do you want a life time warrenty? Do you ski in the rain? Do you spend time in the tight trees and brush in the east?

I like my North Face Goretex pants and jacket. I take advantage of thier life time warrenty. Great clothing from a great company. I also have a Spyder shell also like it. All the big name company's make great clothing, it comes down to how deep are your pockets???
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here's 2

I have a pair of THE NORTH FACE Mountain bibs that have about 450 days of skiing in them. These are incredibly versatile. I have recently put them in semi retirement.
Last season I was using PATAGONIA Primo pants. I like these a lot....they can be a bit warm on balmy spring days...other than that...excellent.
I always like to go with GORE TEX on the lower half.....for some reason...always encounter water in unexpected places.
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Patagonia primo...3rd season and like new.

However, any gortex xcr garment is going to be good. get the one that fits you best and has the features you want.
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Hi Rob: There is a lot of very good high quality gear out there. I have had the best success with Mt. Hardware, Patagonia, and Marmot. Likewise I've had the least durability and poorest service (even with their high end products), with The North Face. I also would recommend going with a lifetime warranty. If you plan to be in this gear for a number of years it will save you in the long run.

My favorite pants, however bar none, are Patagonia triple gortex. I ski in the northeast and we're in the rain frequently. I have never been wet from the outside in. In addition, service has been great with few questions and at one point Patagonia did a lower leg repair where my ski edges cut through the cordura. They repaired it free and it should have been at my expense. I couldn't believe the quality of the repair workmanship. Even the seams were re-taped. I also just had a new Mt. Hardware shell, "Backcountry Recon" jacket in a full out rain storm recently and I was one of the few not wet. Good luck with your search.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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