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Originally Posted by SkiStarr90
British Spring Vacation-
The slang is British Invasion

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Flounder = someone with all the latest and greatest gear and No Skill other than smoking the numbers off there visa.

Here is on you probably never heard of unless you're from the Midwest.
The Fox Valley Lean = a skier who pins there knees and feet together, lean as far back as possible, shuffle there feet and wiggle there hips to sort of slide the tail of there skis around.

Spruce Run = hitting the woods trails to burn a fatty

Tower 8 = about the lift tower you're at when you know just how good Spruce Run you just had.

Banana hammock = speed suit
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The ecstasy you feel when you nail your first fakie to fakie 720 (is there even such a thing?).

Fakie to fakie 420:
When both of you fake your orgasms so you can just get it over with and go smoke a joint. (Just say NO, kids....to the orgasms and the joint).

P-tex: Handy combo device women can use during their "monthlies" to also help with bladder control. Heck, I can use one of those for my long drives back to LA from mammoth.

That's all I've got right now. Let me think about it for a few.
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Originally Posted by Posaune
This sounds quite interesting. I've skied for 42 years and have never seen this. Where do I go?
Skye Peak Quad chair at Killington....

I've called it the "Trophy Tree" - it's when you "hook up" with a woman at the ski area you're supposed to get a bra or panties & deposit it on the tree.....I've seen beads there too....

And it's still there....

There's a sparse version on the Bear Chair & the Snowdon Quad also - they've never quite taken off tho....
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The three types of Air

Big Air
Hospital Air

These should need no explanation
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Hasn't anyone put up "safety meeting" yet? I am surprised. It would have come up quite quickly on Newschoolers.com
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Texas Roadblock - A large number of skiers/boarders who are slow, inept, in your way, and whom you cannot pass safely.

"Sorry I'm late; I got stuck behind a Texas roadblock".
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Slang Away.....

Snow Buddha = Some fat guy getting in your way on the slopes.

Umpa-lumpas = Tiny snow people/children that ski/board

Domino = The time you slip over someone's ski's or directly in front or behind them when they're in a ski school and the whole lot go down in a row.
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A Yee-Haa! = Someone who "Yee-Haa's" something by repairing it with tape or tie wraps or laggy bands. Basic - Cowboy
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Bra trees also ...

Moonlight: under Lone Tree

Big Sky:under Swift Current

Bridger: isn't one, but go INTO the trees and you'll see all kinds of things
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KAMIKAZE PILOT......Gaper looking ridiculous while bombing totally out of control down the mountain thinking he's another Franz Klammer...(but has NO idea who Franz Klammer is)
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Originally Posted by dietdewboy

Banana hammock = speed suit
"Sausage casing." (Especially with some of the bellies and love handles pushing out. And you know who you are! )
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Telemarketer = Telemark skier

High-Speed Sliders = (from a coach at Dave Murray ski camp) People who ski boldly and fast, but don't actually know how to carve.

And whatever happened to...

Yeti = Gaper
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SPORE - STUPID people on rental equipment
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West Coast Bra Trees?

Originally Posted by ElkMountainSkier
Bra Tree. What an excellent name.
I've rarely seen a bra tree on the west coast (seen a few bras though....). There was one at Silver Mtn in Idaho towards the top on Chair 2 I believe, or at least it was there 10 years ago.
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Butt stuffer (liftie)
Green goblin (oh well)
Trauma park
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Yardsale is a favorite of mine, so eloquent and precise.

We like to sing "Here's Uncle Joe and he's moving kinda slow at the junction" from Petticoat Junction when the friend approaches our group at the bottom.
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Bra Tree?
Trophy Tree?

Nope, it's PARTY TREE
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Originally Posted by Treewell
KAMIKAZE PILOT......Gaper looking ridiculous while bombing totally out of control down the mountain thinking he's another Franz Klammer...(but has NO idea who Franz Klammer is)

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Not really slang, but everytime I meet ski instructors who think they are hot shit (ie proudly wearing all their pins*, saying racers don't know how to ski, bragging in the bar about how much they angulate, carve, you know the type ) I always think of what CSIA really stands for:

Clueless Ski Instructor, Ahoy!

* Not that wearing your pins is a bad thing, but when you switch them from your coat to your hat/sweater before entering the bar, it says a lot about you... Especially when you only have a level 1.
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There's a bra tree at Whiteface under the Summit chair...

"Wahoos" = people who yell "waaaahoooo" while skiing, or "yieaaaah-ha" etc

"shed" = inspired from the Visa commercial- any snooty skier with all the BEST gear, BEST ride, skis the BEST mountains- who then crashes into a shed

"80s skier" = someone who skis with bothlegssmooshedtogetherwithnogap and arms extended straight all the way to the sides, poles swinging down, and swivels hips when turning. Wearing a florescent outfit can, but is not mutually exclusive to, this phenomina....
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living accident - the inexperienced skier going way too fast, expressing that they just realized they can't stop through body language.
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texas tuck... you've all seen it
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don't remember whether I mentioned "Superman" in my post from years ago.

Superman is when you are trying to start a race and double eject out of the start gate and face plant on the ramp. I watched a guy do this with a Motorola radio in a chest harness. Thaaaaaat's gonna leave a mark!
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Originally Posted by johnson416
texas tuck... you've all seen it
can you enlighten me?
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Texan Goretex- Jeans
Texas Turn- Skis on shoulders talks to friend smacks person behind in head
Texas suitcase- how not to carry skis

Believe me I have nothing against Texas!!
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Haha texas tuck, e.g. someone trying to go faster on flats doing one of the following:

1) snowplowing in a tuck
2) tucking with poles WAY up in the air behind them (rabbit ears)
3) tucking with poles up/hands at sides kind of

I like going past these bad dudes skiing switch or standing straight up.
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Chicken chaser

Very similar to the Texas Tuck except that they look like Stallone in Rocky chasing & trying to catch a chicken.
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Big Mtn. has a pathetic bra tree as you start up chair 1. Most of the stuff looks like it's been there for years. Maybe we don't wear bras here?
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Accidental superhero.. People on jackets which accentuate their shoulders to look ginormous while tapering down to the waist ..

Sweet jumps.. jumps gone bad..(Napoleon dynamite reference)..

Movin.. the obvious..
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