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Originally Posted by woodpile
Meatwagon...Ski patrol's method of removing injured Flatlanders.
I call em Dead Sled's
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[quote=Scalce]I pulled a Superman last Saturday at Sunday River.

My ski tips caught a rutt and I did a double ejection but my body kept going forward and when you fall like that you automatically extend your arms forward so it looks like you are Superman.

Isn't that a "face plant" ? or on your plant maybe they call that a superman.

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GORB or GORBY-goof on rental board(s)
LOFT-lack of F***ing talent-used during mass demo days to help "experts" who come back after trying a very highly rated ski (any manufacturer) and they don't like the ski.
for example:
Skier: "i didn't like the XYZ 2000 race slalom, it didn't want to turn"
Demo Guy 1: "well sir maybe go to the next tent and ask for a ski with more LOFT..."
Skier:"thanks" walks to next tent
Skier:"the guy over there said to ask for a ski with more LOFT than the XYZ 2000"
Demo Guy 2: "well sir what i have is the ABC LTD..." sets up the ski and away Skier skis.
Of course by using the term LOFT the Demo Guys have helped each other out by telling each other that the guy has no clue and to send the guy out on whatever ski 'cause this skier couldn't tell the diffrence if you paid him. Usually this means a rental ski or low end package ski.
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Thread Starter 

You guys are good....

I've been skiing since I was about 5 or 6 years old, and I've never heard most of this stuff out on the slopes. Thanks for all the input and keep it coming!:
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LOFT! That is great.
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I've never heard this one --if it's out there, somebody please yell at me !

John Daily (golf guy) brought us "grip it and rip it".

How about;

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Turn and Burn (thighs)
It's bombing out! (visibility +/- 25 ft)
Extortion Burgers (at the lodge cafeteria)
Click O Matics (older Tyrolia diagonals just as you pre release)

I'm sure I'll think of more...
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
A sort of outdated one:
Buckethead: racer

Also, more under the heading of affectation rather than slang, is the practice of calling runs by various insider, old-timer or local names. Also lifts: e.g. calling a chair or part of the mountain by the name of a long-vanished lift that used to service the same terrain (illustrative example: calling a chair-served slope "the T-Bar hill.")
Reminds of Stowe and some other older NE areas where the old timers say "The" in front of some of the trail name. "I remember when they put The Nosedive in back in '36; before that we just skied The Toll Road".

* -- Maybe it was '39. The lift went in '39; I don't remember when they cut The Nosedive. I was kinda young back them :-)
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[quote=woodpile]Flatlander...someone not used to the altitude. Can sometimes be identified by a Starter jacket sporting their favorite NFL team or College, etc...

FYI, my wife (B.J.) says I look quite the sport on the mountain in my starter jacket, especially when I wear it over my wrangler overalls. : :
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Thanks for the post rayl1964-----now we may have a problem.

I noted that rayl1964's home is Louisiana----If I am correct, some of that state is actually BELOW sea level.

So is that underlander ?
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Just because you change my title, doesn't mean I'm changing my wardrobe!
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LOL --- DEAL------SEE YOU on the hill !

Quick hint----Scotch Guard your butt in those wranglers.......
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Explod-o-mat -- the old Marker Rotomat heels that would sometimes spring so hard that they'd rip themselves right out of the ski. Once saw a patroller take a digger under the lift (on his red-white-and-blue K2 Fives, of course) and his heel flew up so high that it cleared the lift tower! 1971 or '72, methinks. Nubs Nob, Michigan.
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me and my friends callthe grom-noobs-beginners, we call them bunnies
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* Toilet tuck

* Body groomers

* Turkey shoot (chair lift entertainment)

* DFL (having the highest bib number in a race)
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We use if for the large group of beginning boarders that tend to lay around at the top where you get off the chair and just above many drops where you would like to get a stoke. They littler the hill, a buddy of mine calls them pylons.
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depth meters - boarders who have fallen in deep pow and are struggling to get up.

the more of these you see on your first ride up the lift, the better the day is going to be.
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a few from over the pond:

double-click : the moment that your skis stop and you dont leading to a "superman"

punter : anyone who is not working the season or living in resort

punter-shunting : apres-ski er... intimacy... between saisonaires and punters
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Originally Posted by dirtsqueezer
LOFT! That is great.
Yeah, give me a ski with a 10.5* loft. I am looking to fade my turns and loose this "duck hook".
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Ski Slang

When working in French Alps, us seasonaires often refered to anyone wearing an all in one as a 'bloody italian', no matter where they came from in the world. This is because the italians used to bombard the resort at weekends (I'm guessing because we were 2km from the Italain border it was kind of inevitable!)choping up the place and, most importantly, wearing the most hideous all in one ski suits I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I know it's not the most original nick-name, yet quite appropriate at the same time.....
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Originally Posted by Rick
DFL (having the highest bib number in a race)
I've heard it used to describe one's finish place: i.e. one step, one embarassing step, "above" DNF or DSQ.

Another minor point: I always thought "Explode-o-mat" referred to the way the heel-piece released (by design). It does stay attached to the ski, though in two pieces. For those who appreciate simplicity, it was actually a pretty nice design.

One other in sort of the same vein, I don't think has been mentioned in this thread:

"Lange Bang." In my book, this refers to the way the earliest Lange boots chewed up your shins. They were low (like contemporary leather boots) and stiff right up to the hard edge at the top (unlike contemporary leather boots), with a pretty minimal tongue.
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"mining" = skiing over the hidden rocks

"logging" = the same over stumps and fallen timber
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
I've never heard this one --if it's out there, somebody please yell at me !

John Daily (golf guy) brought us "grip it and rip it".

How about;

Been using that one for a couple of years now; just "tip and rip" Consider yourself scolded
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Hey these two are common but I didn't see them.


Basically all the same meaning
I know there was a good one for one-piece wearers but I can't remember, anyone??
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One piece outfits, a.k.a. -- body bags
Binding prerelease -- threw a shoe

Question: Can you put down the safety bar and not be a gaper? I say you can. I've seen world cup racers and mountain guides do it.
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Finndog- one piece wearers: Bode Miller, Daron Rahlves, Hermann Maier....
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Originally Posted by choucas
One piece outfits, a.k.a. -- body bags
Binding prerelease -- threw a shoe

Question: Can you put down the safety bar and not be a gaper? I say you can. I've seen world cup racers and mountain guides do it.
Body Bags, That's it! Thanks! It was bothering me.

Darkhorse, different one-piece, we're talkin' Bogner, Descente, shiny things usually worn by overweight bennies with too much $$.

Safety bar thing, yes, why not? I always put it down. How does that make you a gaper? That's not "Cool" why?
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I know, I know, Finndog. I'm just poking fun at those who poke fun, especially the ones who dress in skateboard-inspired "fashion", flapping in the wind as I tuck past in a comfy one piece. Ski ya later, turkeys! Hey, did anyone mention turkeys? Used to be the common description for the hoardes from the city. I always use the safety bar, too. Why not, you get safety, plus a footrest.
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Snow Toad - Loud, yet rarely seen animal often held responsible when someone cuts a loud fart on a chairlift.

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