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Reviews from Sunday River Demo Day

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Although I do not feel qualified to offer an "expert opinion", I would like to offer some basic impressions from an "improving intermediate". These impressions may be of some value to people of similar skill level.

I am 5'6" tall, wgt= 175, ski aggresively, don't really like bumps yet, but had to put up with them as the every trail was bump covered by the end of the day.

Head Monster IM75 Chip:
Stable, stable, stable. Very smooth. This ski will plow through anything. I could make short turns, but it was a bit of work. It is obviously not a bump-ski, but it did alright. My impression: great all mountain ski obv. favoring long turns, but responsive to skier input. Very damp, great crud ski....and did I mention STABLE???

Dynastar 8000:
Great ski. Smooth, well mannered surprisingly quick edge to edge given its width. Very easy to ski, very forgiving and quite lively for its dimension. I have come to expect this almost "dance-like" quality from Dynastar skis and this was no exception. I own a pair of int74 and find the 8000 a little less maneuverable and a bit more stable (but not like the Head--did I mention how stable that was?)

Fischer RX9:
Smooth, responsive, nice arcs. Feels like a GS ski. Great edge hold. Easy to vary turn shape but note really a quick turning ski compared to a slolom or to the RX8 which seems to hook up faster. Not great in the bumps but managable and quite stable (no, not like the Head).

Volkl 6-star:
I skiied this short (162) and was surprised by how quick, light and maneuverable it seemed. I have skiied the 5-star before and have heard that the 6-star was stiff and unforgiving in comparison. Yes, the 5-star was "easier" in some ways, but I had no trouble with the 6-star even on the widespread moderate bumps (that is no more trouble than I have with any other ski in bumps). I really enjoyed this ski. It held a great edge on the frozen back-sides and seemed almost light compared to several of the skis I used this day.

Volkl Superspeed:
Another super crud-buster. Very stable (almost as much as the Head), but not nearly as easy in the bumps. This ski prefers long arcs, but can be made to carry out short turns with the right input. I had the worst bump-problems on this ski. The tip is quite stiff and would tend to throw me back if I hit a bump head-on. The even more stable Head im75chip did not throw me around this way. This ski is a fast stable crud-buster, but seems less versatile than the Head (to me anyway). I would disagree with several reviews that say this ski is only for long turns. Short turns are obviously more work, but are very "doable". I would caution, stay away from the bumps unless you are a very strong, very skilled bump skier.

Atomic Metron B5:
A very interesting ski, very different feel from any other ski I have ever been on. Despite its short length (162) this ski was smooth and stable and quicker edge to edge than its massive width would indicate. These skis are extremely heavy, so leave them on the snow. No lifting, tipping turning etc. Just leave them on the snow and arc both feet. Hang on; have faith; and let them run. I you do this it will be alright. They will rip and will carry you anywhere. They don't seem to respond well to a lot of steering or "foot work". They just need to arc and carve so leave them on the snow and let them go. I haven't really decided If I would want them for my own everyday ski, but they were a blast to fool around with. Did I mention how heavy they are?

Well, there you have it, my personal impressions. I am not a trained ski professional, so please feel free to try this at home. I'd be interested to hear if others agree with my impressions. Hope this might be helpful.
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Awesome reviews, RiDeC58, thanks for doing this!

You don't mention what you thought of the b5 in the bumps. What did you think?

Also, did they feel heavy to you while you were skiing? Or when you lifted them onto your shoulder or carried them around?

Did you get on the RX8, as well, since you mentioned it...

Interesting that we skied many of the same skis!
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Thanks for the kind words Steve. To answer your questions:
I found the B5s were OK in bumps as long as feet were fairly close together. Independent leg action and a wide stance were a bit difficult. In terms of the weight, this was most evident carrying and riding the lift. As long as I consciously left the skis on the snow and carved both skis they didn't "feel" heavy on the snow except that they did carry enough momentum to make them seem longer and help with busting through chopped up snow. But as I said, you don't want to do a lot of lifting, tipping etc. This is certainly a great ski, I'm not sure that it is the ski for me.

As for the RX8, I did not ski it this day, but have several times in the past and am familiar with how it handles.
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Thanks, again! I found them to ski very similarly to your experience (didn't get to ski them in moguls, though), and did notice their weight when I hefted them. I didn't notice the weight on-snow, though, which is why I thought I'd ask.

We are likely at different skill levels, but our experiences are very similar. I can't wait to get my b5s (on order)!
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