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My Rossignol Boots Just Blew Up!

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Hey folks:

Has this ever happened to anyone else?! My older (circa 2000) Rossi Course K boots just cracked apart on the mountain yesterday after a fall. The lower outboard shell between the first and second buckle just seemed to "pop", and cracks spread out in all directions from there! After 31 years of skiing, this is a new one on me!

There're lots of smart ski industry folks on this forum, so it seems a good place to ask: What kind of help from Rossi can I expect to get in a situation like this? I mean, to be realistic about it, they're older boots, and I sure haven't babied them... On the other hand, burly high-performance (not to mention expensive) boots shouldn't just explode--at any age--should they?

Any reciepts are long gone, and I don't even live on the same side of the country as the shop they came from... Where would you guys start in on the problem?

Thanks! (sniff)
Berkeley, CA

P.S. Is it possible Rossi might have NOS Course K's sitting around in case situations like this come up?
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[quote=ShawnB]Where would you guys start in on the problem?

I'd start at your local ski shop/bootfitter.....and buy new boots.

While I've never had this problem, I know several skiers who's older boots have cracked beyond repair. Rossi nor any other manufacturer is going to warrranty boots that are 5 years old.
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Yep, time for new boots. Did you leave them in the sun light during the off season? Sun light is not good for a lot of plastics.

My old Tecnica TNT's cracked, in fact three of us race parents had our TNT's crack within days of each other, back in the mid 90's.
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A buckle strap on my Lange pro's (circa 1969) fell off .

Cracking boots is definetly not unheard of. It has not happened to me since the Langes---and I believe they were around 15 years old at the time anyway.
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Yep it has happened to me. An old pair of Nordica's circa 1985 or so. Put them up in the attic and went to college for 4 years. Came home and by the second run they had fallen apart! Both boots were in about ten pieces each. I contacted the store I bought them from and they sold me a new pair at what they called cost. Had them for about 5 years and broke one of them. These were the last pair of nordica boots I ever owned.
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MAX Capacity
My old Tecnica TNT's cracked, in fact three of us race parents had our TNT's crack within days of each other, back in the mid 90's.

Not uncommon with Tecnica TNT in my experience. I have had 2 pair of them show signs of this (the original TNT and the second generation version) after 4-5 seasons. More of a gradual tear rather than a crack up though, and at the same spot so I put it down to user abuse!!

Haven't seen any signs of it on my Icon Carbon TNT to date.
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I had this problem with a pair of Nordica "Bannana" boots. I stored them in the closet for the first 16 years I used them and had no problem. Then I stored them in the attic for two years and they broke in the same place as yours. I've always felt that the high heat in the summer did them in, though 18 year old boots might be expected to break.
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My wife's old Nordica boots fell apart in the parking lot (after rspending several years in a closet).
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The old thermoplastic boots were prone to falling apart. I haven't heard of that happening with boots made after 1990.
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tecnicas were notorious for that late 90s tnt/explosions(aptly named?) at the store we started saying TNT stood for tecnica now teva.
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What size are you? I have a pair of Rossi Course KX boots (yellow with carbon) in a 27.5 w/ 324mm sole. They're in pretty good shape. I just keep them as a backup pair and haven't worn them in ~ 4 years.

$50 w/shipping if you're interested, send me a P/M.
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Tecnica has and continues to honor warranties way out past thier one year specified.I have seen where they have backed up 10 year old boots.
Rossi should to!
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Like anything else in life your ski boots WILL wear out. To think a mfg. should warrenty boots that old is kind of silly, I know you paid alot for them, and I understand where you are coming from. It can't hurt to try but I would not get your hopes up. How many days did you use them? I would say that if you got a couple hundred days (not uncommon over 5 years) you got your $$ worth. BTW the reason Tecnica was honoring those TNT/explosion was because their was a known defect in the plastic (too much hardner or somthing). Good luck and find a good fitter
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Thats so funny It just happen to me my, old nordica boots of 25 years just totally cracked up and fell apart when i put them on ...granted they were unused in my cellar for the last 12 years.

I just couldn't stop laughing...They don't makem like they used to ...(good thing!)

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Holy moly!  A nine  year old thread revived to talk about a broken twenty five year old boot.


Phenomenal first post!

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