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Bindings for fat skis

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I recently purchased a pair of Volkl Explosives and I need some bindings for them. Are there specific bindings that have wider brakes, or can I change the brakes on any brand to one that will be wide enough to fit over the 95 mm waist? Oh yeah, no markers.
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I bought a pair of Rossignol turntables for my 84mm waisted Big Stix, the Scratch 100, which is marketed to park jibbers: neato black matte finish and a profile of a naked woman. It came stock with wide brakes.

I could have bought a regular turntable binder with a less wide brake (not marketed to jibbers) but Rossi would have charged around $40 for the aftermarket wider brake.

The Scratch does not have a riser so if I want one I can buy one for only about $12.
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Picked up my wide brake set up for my Explosives for $28, standard width would not fit.
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I bent the brakes, heat bend repeat, on my looks to get them to fit a 100mm waist. But back then they didn't make wide brakes for the bindings I had and dammed if I was going to buy another set of bindings. Best bet is to get a binding that has a wide brake option.

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I also bent my breaks out for my XXX's and it works fine. If you are looking to buy new bindings I think all the manufactures now offer bindings for wide skis. I think just just need to ask for them. Also the modern look/rossi bindings have removable breaks so you can buy a wide pair and put them on used bindings.
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I was getting some Fritschi Freerides for both my G41's and my Big Stix 106. I went to our local dealer here in Bozeman and they wanted an extra $40 for the wide brakes. So i started looking online. Everyplace i looked wanted an extra $40 for the wide brakes. I sent a pissed off email to BD only to find out that their policy is to swap the brakes out on request. so i ordered two pair from them with the wide brakes.

Now if i could only get some damn SNOW!!!!!
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Yes Ski Monkey. I believe it was the Lift House, or something like that. It was the shop right next to the Porcupine Pub and Grill at the entrance of Big Cottonwood Canyon. By the busiest 7-11 in the world.

Look me up when you get into town and I'll show you some of the other good shops.
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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Picked up my wide brake set up for my Explosives for $28, standard width would not fit.
Did you pick those up at a shop in SLC? I need a pair for my rossi axials.
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Salomon sells a wide brake that is compatible with any of their bindings. It retails for $20. Some places will try to rip you off on this. This would fit the explosives. For mid-width skis, e.g. my G4s, ask the shop tech to bend the standard brake (make sure they have done it before). They will ask you to sign off in case they break it, but not likely. The wide brake causes "brake-out" on sub 90mm skis. This is especially dangerous if you ski in the pipe!!!
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Mr. Crew Cut,

I know you said no " Markers!" If that is due to some negative pre-releasing experiences,that is understandable. I think Marker has overcome that problem.

You could choose either the 1300 or 1400 piston models. They have both the piston control, and the comshock piston that is suppose to absorb vibrations so that pre-releasing is no longer an issue. Its like Ron Poepele, the guy who sells those rotassier ovens on TV, "You set and forget it." Setting it on the piston "on" mode, is like having an automatic tranny in your car.

Marker also has the best AFD in the binding business! Their web site is: www.markerusa.com. So check it out, and give it a thought.

BTW: Marker has been making wide brakes for more than five years for those that perfer wider waisted skies.

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