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Axis XP ski lengths

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I have seen a great deal on some axis XP's in a 188 length. I am 6 foot 4, and weigh 190lbs. I am a strong athletic skier looking to do half a season in Banff. I ski mainly blacks/moguls/off piste. Would you recomend waiting for a shorter length?

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personally, no, don't wait for a smaller size. if you like long turns and soft snow performance, that will be a great size. i'd probably buy that size and i'm tiny compared to you.

then again, i ski huge ass pow skis in 190 and generally believe that the whole downsizing thing is kind of a joke (at least with most skis - some new models are built to be skied shorter, and certain uses require shorter lengths). so maybe my recommendation doesn't count.
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I'd say you would be fine with the 188cm, but if you could get the 181 cm I bet after you skied it you wouldn't regret the shorter length.

I ski a 174 (6ft 180 lb.) I thought it looked ridiculously short when I got it . It skis great . The XP is a great ski that is very good in powder, carves well on the groomed , and is excellent in spring mashed potatoes.

You won't be disappointed in the ski and the ski turns so well the longer length won't be an issue.
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Depnds how good a deal. I'd do 181 in your shoes, but if I was saving a ton...
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Go with the 188 at your size! I've tried them in a 181 and found them pretty good but a little lacking in power. I think the 188 would solve this. I'm 6ft, 200lbs. Where did you see them, and for how much? Was it in Banff?
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it was on ebay, about 320usd for skis and bindings. from a german chap

thanks for the help

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