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I'm Little, a girl and need new skis

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I am 5'4, 130lb female. Grew up chasing my older brother around Alta and now ski pretty much anything and everything the mountain has to offer. I am just graduating college and figured I would take full advantage of my overpriced education and go ski for a few months.

Looking for advice on what ski's and boots to get myself into.

Game on. Thanks.
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Welcome! What kind of skiing are you doing and where are you skiing?
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skiing co

Looks like I will be spending a bit of the winter in co, prob. breck or keystone. Then I hopefully head someplace this summer before I have to get a real job.

I am a pretty hard skiier, I prefer the chutes and glades and live for powder.

Now i just have to get the skis that will make my life perfect.
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sounds like you're looking for an all mountain midfat

the atomic metron series might have what you're looking for, or the volkl 7/24 series
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Being 'little' and liking the glades I wonder if some Pocket Rockets would be a good choice. I'd also think about demo'ing some Rossignol Scratch BC's and Volkl Karma's. All three will be great in powder and ought to be manageble all over the mountain (esp out west). But leave it to a college kid to pick out 3 pairs of twin-tips...

As far as boots, ya gotta find a decent shop to help you pick out boots that'll fit your feet. All the companies are making boots geared towards the powder that you love, but the one that fits your foot is going to be the best for ya. A little more input for us on your feet and we might be able to steer you in a decent direction.

Ps. Why don't you think about what I'm considered... go to grad school in SLC and ski Alta a few more years before getting a 'real job'
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I have three ladies in my family that fit your descriptrion. Two of them are on twin tips so that they can play in the park as well as all over the mountain, the other is strictly all mountain. The latter has, uses and prefers her K2 Phat Luvs for everything short of ice even though she has some Volkls for groomed conditions.
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I second Skier's endorsement of the K2 Phat Luv. If you can get past the graphics (who the hell came up with those?) they are a great ski. If you get a chance ot demo them, I bet you end up buying them.
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Where are you skiing now? Still at Alta? If that is the case then go with what has been suggested for skis, and then head to a shop to have yourself fit for boots. Lange makes a great womens boot and has very low volume. Check out the Comp 100 for a womens boot as well. I think they also have a womens carving variant of the same shell.

obtw, if youre skiing else where now, you may want to say where, just in case the recommendations would change.
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