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Salomon course pro model spaceframe??

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anyone have any experience with these boots? I have a pretty low volume foot and have been having trouble with finding a boot I like. I finally just decided to order them, hoping I made the right choice...
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The Pro Model comes in two versions, the Pro Model SC Spaceframe and the Pro Model Spaceframe. Both have the same flex and the differences appear to be mainly cosmetic. If the Course Spaceframe fits your foot then the Pro Model will also, They are made from the same last. Course flex index 120 Pro Model 95
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In past seasons i have LOVED Salomon boots, but i dont think that for an aggressive skier, the retail space frame boots are going to do the trick. I tried the Course on the other day in a shop and i seriously think that i coul dhave broken the boot at its flex point and in the honeycomb area. When i flexed the boot, the plastic was deforming over an inch on both sides (straight out from the boot). Their previous season models were much better in terms of flex. I think that the only way youre going to get a good boot that has spaceframe is to go to the X2 Plug. I think that the X2 will be stiff enough and durable enough to not break under stressful situations. The course in the shop didnt feel any stiffer than previous years 1080 boots, which have a flex index about 40 notches down on the Salomon scale. Look into Head, and Lange boots. Lange boots fit a low volume foot beautifully. If they break, warranty them and then find a shop that will do an even trade for another comperable boot.

btw, none of that applies if you usually do not require a stiff boot for skiing.
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I just tried on the Course Spaceframe, and loved the fit (I have high volume feet with narrow heels, by the way). Does anyone know if last years Course is the same exact fit without the spaceframe?
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From my experience, Salomon is one of the higher volume boots out there. For Low Volume, look to Tecnica with their LVL's and Dalbello Kryptons (did I say that?), when they hit the stores.
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thanks for the advice...I guess when they get here I'll have to try them on. I didn't mind the fit of the x wave 10...actually quite comfy, just had a bit much room in there
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Between the runs of the Worldcup opening at Solden there was time enough to for me to inspect both the current and last years Course boots in the Salomon Center on the glacier. I had both on, though in the shop only.
The new "honeycomb" Course seems to be softer than the difference in the flex indexes would show (now 120 vs. former 130).
I didn´t find it as much soft as HeluvaSkier describes but it really is a bit too soft for a user of stiff race boots (which is a matter of personal preference etc....)
The honeycomb area is another feature I better ski without .
The last year´s Course is, logically, stiffer, and its forward flex seemed to me to make a bigger difference than those official 10 grades of stiffness (we know you can´t take it that literally, it´s sometimes more numbers than reality).
As has also been said, both boots are typical higher-volume Salomons.
The boots that were lengthwise correct size for me were definitely too wide and too high volume even on the first try in the shop
(I have no low volume foot and my Lange LR1 requiered lots of grinding).
Course LAB would be another story but not for everyone.
Dobermann 130 (150 would probably be too much a boot)
or the new Atomic RaceTech (which really is a very similar boot, at least the lower part)
as well as Head or Lange could be good possibilities.
Last but not least, "to order them, hoping I made the right choice" - I hope you try them first!!!
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