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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: 724 Pro (Motion system w/Marker, no piston)
Ski Length: 177 cm - 115/77/104
Snow Conditions Used In: 4-12" freshies at Kirkwood
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 15-20
Most skied resorts: Squaw, Whistler, Alpine Meadows, and Kirkwood
Other Skis You Like: Volkl G30-G31-G3
Your Height/Weight: 6'1"/170 (180 with clothes, equipment & boots)
More on conditions: Tahoe had decent snow several weeks ago, but would have been really bony without yesterday's dump. So, there were some barely covered rocks and bumps early in the day. Since it snowed from early AM until nearly 3 p.m., there were either fresh and/or deeper cut up fresh conditions later (fairly high moisture content; temp about 30-33f). So, I could not test these on hard snow. Bummer. Not.

The skis: Very stable making fast GS turns in cut up snow and/or barely covered smaller bumps. I was expecting the tails to be stiffer, but did not find them overly stiff skimming small bumps. Did not find speed limit, but wasn't pushing super-hard.

At 177cm, the 724 Pros floated noticeably better than my old G3s (at 184) in 4-6" fresh, and had decent, but not exceptional float in 12" later in the day.

In larger bumps, I found the short length very easy to pivot on top of bumps, and quick enough to handle in the troughs as well. In addition, the combination of adequate float and quickness inspired confidence while experimenting in the trees.

Cosmetics: The red, white & blue motif looked just OK when I loaded them in the car, but I didn't see the tops much when I was skiing. If it matters at all, I got some respectful nods from lifties looking at their width/shape.

Bindings: I generally prefer Looks to Markers, but had zero problems with release/pre-release at my recommended DIN setting.

Final word: I'd consider getting these...