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Rossignol RPM Ski....

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I was just wondering if anyone out there has skied on the Rossignol "RPM 17, or 21" and what they thought of them. I was thinking of maybe taking a pair on a ski trip and am not sure of which ones. I am 5'8" tall, weigh 190lbs and ski very strong. My normal ski is the Bandit XXX in a 185. Let me know what you guys think and hit me back. Also, if you could reccommend a length as well, that would be SWEET!!!
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Skied the 17 in a 177. I'm 5'9" 180. It skied alot like a BanditX with a binding plate, which is just about exactly what it is. Stable at speed, short turns, long turns just about anything was good. Was not good in bumps. Too stiff for bumps I thought. Was more at home on groomed and hardpack/ice. The ski was designed for skier cross raceing and is fun in the Nastar course but it just wasn't me. A good friend of mine owns a pair and he likes them. We have the same boot so I've skied it a few days. Depending where you live and your used to the XXX you might go for a 184. Rossi just came out with a new Bandit series. Check out my report in the reviews forum.
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Right, and the 21 skis like the XX with a plate . . . which is pretty much what it is. I liked it, but haven't had anough experience with it to say much. Since I put a premium on quick, short turns, I like the XX better. BUT . . . can't WAIT to hop on the B2!!!!
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