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Technica Hotform Boots

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OK, I need the truth. I bought a pair of Technica Rival X8L Hotform boots a while ago. I had the oportunity to ski them one night last season. In a hurry to get the school group on the road and trying to make sure that all the kids got on the bus with their equipment, I forgot my own equipment. Fortunately, the area has high end demos and has boots they demo as well. I loved the boots so I wrote down the model and size. When I found them for a great price last spring I bought them.

I went to Strand's in Worcester, MA with them today. My plan was to have the binding on my skis adjusted to them, get a custom footbed and have the boots set up. I was told that the hotform can be heated and molded with the adapter I got when I bought them, is there any truth to this?

Also, I was told that I should not use any of the pieces that came with the boot that can adjust the flex. Is there any truth to this?

Though they sold Technica's, they didn't seem too keen on them. When I was being fitted for my custom foot bed I was talking to one of the owners. He told me that they were no longer going to sell Technica as they have had a problem with the boots cracking and the buckles breaking off, any on hear this?

I'm confused and a little concerned right now. Anyone have any info they can share that will either support or refute what they told me?

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The home adaptor is only for drying, it will not get the boot hot enough to form. You should get the Dual Pivot cuff adusted to you, the flex inserts can make a differenc, in both stiffness and direction of flex. As for newer Tecnicas cracking and buckles breaking, I have not seen that happen in many many years (it was a problem with some of the older TNT/TNS boots from the 90's) and we have sold hundreds of Tecnica boots in the past few years. Sounds to like you might want to find another shop to work with, I would be suspect of any work they do.
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BootDude is right. The home adapter and car adapter are for warming and drying only(which is still nice). They will not get them hot enough to mold. If you need to get them molded again, your dealer should do it for no cost, that's what mine does. Something else to keep in mind, the HotForm molds around the ankle, not the footbed(at least thats how my Rival X9's are). So if your looking to make a foot-print, the HotForms will not do it. In my case, they're the best boots I've ever owned. I haven't fiddled with the cuff stiffness inserts and the dual flex did not need to be adjusted for me when my dealer was setting up the boots to fit me, which I was not charged for either. Only a slight arch adjustment was made, then I was on my way. I think BootDude is also right in saying that you may want to look around for another shop, it doesn't sound like you got knowledgable service from the shop your going to. Good luck!
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these repies are right on. find another shop and tip your boot fitter well!

the home and car adapter chargers for the Hot Form liner are 12v and the one the shops have are 24v. it takes the 24v to heat the liner enough to form it.

every customer i've ever worked with has noticed a huge difference in stiffness with the red or yellow flex inserts. they are not necessary, but if you do find the boot too soft, try them out.
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I kind of thought so. This shop has an excellent reputation for their footbeds. I have noticed that with them, in the past, if they did not sell it to you, or if they do not carry something (or in this case will not be carrying it any longer), they bad mouth it. When I got my skis there last year I inquired about a ski that I had demo'ed at a local mountain,they had nothing good to say about them. They did not carry that brand any longer. They seemed to really try to push certain brands and certain models.

The problem is, they are the only ones in the area(less than a 90 minute drive) that do boot work, and they used to have a great reputation.
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I stopped dealing with that Worcester shop years ago because I got very tired of them knocking whatever ski or boot brands which they no longer sold or had in stock. As for footbeds or boot work, they are good, but only if you make an appointment early in the season at a non-busy time. When I had footbeds made there about 8 years ago, it seemed to me the Leif was interrupted by his staff and walked away or answered the phone every ten minutes. The footbeds were good, but the service was missing.

Try Summit Ski & Snowboard in Framingham for your boot and footbed needs west of Boston. Ask for Geoff or Ted.
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The next time you find yourself in northern New Hampshire, stop into "Stan and Dan's" Sports in North Conway. Ask for Dan. He is one of the best boot-fitters in northern New England. He is friendly knowlegible and sells a lot of Technica boots. Since you didn't buy the boots there, I don't know what he would charge for a hot form, but I suspect not that much. He also does excellent custom footbed work. I know North Conway is a distance froom you, but Dan is terrific.
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Skinners in Sunapee. Jeff is an excellent bootfitter and they are in Tecnica's backyard so, they get excellent support.
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