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Helmet question

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Gonna get a helmet this year giro nine probably wanted to ask those out there that wear one now do you keep a knit hat on and put the helmet over it or just the helmet by itself, which is better cause i've seen it both ways
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When I wear a helmet I only wear the helmet, nothing underneath. I'd definitely be too hot with a hat on underneath. Mind you I have a race style helmet, so there's plenty of insulation, but I'd think that the Nine.9 with the plugs and ear pieces on would still be quite warm enough.
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Have you sized the 9? I know many people who wear it and love it, but I found the sizing funny and couldn't do it. In most helmets I wear a medium (56) in there's I was between a s and xs.

As to wearing it..... it should be to tight to wear a knit hat underneath if it fits properly. I've seen a lot of people wear a close fitting cap thing underneath though. It's usually plenty warm when closed up, you'll find yourself venting more than plugging it.

Good choice.... now you'll look cool.
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Yeah, if you do decide to wear a hat as well, you'll definitely want a lightweight thin fleece one rather than a heavier knit one.
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there are some pretty thin skull-beanie things that are made to wear under helmets if you think you need it.

To be honest, I wear nothing under my 9.9, and find it perfectly fine - just watch the gap between the goggles and helmet, if your goggles don't fit tight, it'll feel damn cold on that thin opening to your skin....
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I use a balaclava when it gets really cold.
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The helmet is plenty warm without a hat or beanie except when it is really blowing a storm, then, its your face that gets cold. I use a thin neoprene ski mask that I can pull the helmet over. If its not too cold, the hat can be worn around the neck and the mask pulled up as needed. With the mask, goggles and helmet there is zero cold exposure. Very warm and dry. Just pull the face shield under the chin between runs if the chairlift is sheltered. Can Look a little gangster, but is a versitile, lightweight solution that does not have the bulk of a knit beanie.
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Originally Posted by ssh
I use a balaclava when it gets really cold.
Me too! I went through some of the coldest conditions in the Northeast last year and this set up was plenty to keep my face and my head warm.
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Last year with my Nine.9 I never wore anything under it, but this year I have the shaved head thing going and I picked up a seirus skull cap. I skiied a few days without it and the liner kept getting soaked in sweat. Right now for early conditions I have all the plugs out with the hat on and it's very comfortable.

I also have one of those balaclavas with the very thin head area to go under the helmet when it gets colder. This way everything is tied together.

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I have little hair on top. I always wear a thin smart wool or similar cap underneath. Very thin. I find it helps wick away perspiration and prevents "cool spots" near the vents. I do well this way, but I know many people who use helmet alone. Give it a try, bhut be sure the liner is very thin.
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Try the Giro fuse as well as the nine, it has more vents and may fit your head better. Another vote for thin balaclava it it gets really cold.
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I alternate between a bandanna and a balaclava. Rarely just bare head under helmet.
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