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I need some ski input

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Here is what I am toying with. You know my history with Volant. The door is open to get on some different skis this year. I have some Platinums in a 175 ready to be mounted (I can return these). I want a ski in the low 70's in center width and about 110 +/- in the tip. I have these companies to choose from: Atomic, Volant, Dynamic, Blizzard and Goode. I am going to demo skis 12/5, and since I am not totally familier with what these companies offer, I am open to suggestion. I might still keep the Volants, but I want to keep my otions open.
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You owe it to yourself to try the Metron b5. I know they are way wider than plan, but just try 'em!
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I've got the Metron X1 and as good as that ski skis, I'm sure the B5 is a rung or two better. I'd advocate the B5 as well. Its construction and the power rods IMHO distinguishes itself from anything else out there. Its always going to be a function of personal preference, but I think Atomic has really hit a homerun with the Metron design, and the B5 is the best ski in the Metron series. Unfortunately its the most expensive too.
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How are these B5's in the bumps? I remember skiing the SX:11's and what wide tip kept getting thrown around in these eastern hard bumps.
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