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Park City Conditons?

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I know the cottonwoods got whalloped, whats it like at PC and the Canyons. Is it likely that the Canyons will open up some more terrain this week?
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Looks like we got about eight inches last night at the base area (looking outside) so I'd expect maybe a foot up high on top of a semi decent base. I haven't been up yet. I expect it to be sketchier than the Cottonwoods because their base is deeper. It's been snowing on and off and there's more on the way. Yesterday was a blizzard and a real roman chariot race with cars in the ditch all over, including mine. The suns coming out now and it looks like an epic powder day. Here's hoping the storms not over- I'll get up tomorrow if I can.
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I skied yesterday11/27 and had a blast! down by the base it is mostly man made with some new on top. Yet get above 8000 fet and it is whole new world! All the upper bowls are open witha nice solid base. I was hitting boot top to knee deep powder and had ablast in the trees off 10th Mountain under the pioneer lift. Blue slip was so nice with powder,chopped up pow. and some small soft bumps. Upper thaynes was sweet and the old mine dumps are well covered i didn't hit one rock. They normally don't have this good of covrage untill mid Jan. It is mid season on the upper mountain and i don't have mid season legs. i have skied everyday at Park city since opening day last wedneday. Yesterday and today were the best. After only 2 hours today I was beat. More of the mountain is opening everyday. So far this has been a vary good start to the season
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I don't know what's up at The Canyons, but I skied this morning up at Park City Mtn, and it ripped - better than yesterday by a fair amount! Scott's Bowl was as deep as I've seen, I actually had to stop half way down because I kept swallowing snow on every turn (it probably helps that I drop a knee).
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