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Well, I guess I just need to crow about this a little: In 2002-03 I bought a pair of Fischer Sceneo 500's 15m @170cm. I later picked up the same model at 13m@ 160cm. As between the two I liked the 170's better in PNW conditions. They became my favorite skis ever. Last season Fischer didn't bring them into the USA although they were available in Canada, Europe and Japan.

This summer I began a search to get a replacement pair since my beloved 170's edges now are getting noticibly thin due to repetitive tuning. I checked out shops in Japan as well as Telemark Pyrenees. No luck finding 170's.

I resigned myself to maybe getting an Fischer RX 8 next season (The Sceneo 500's' successor more or less and said also to be a great ski). Yesterday, I walked into the House of Ski in Stateline in South Tahoe and lo and behold there was a single pair of shiny Sceneo 500's @ 170 against the wall. I didn't hesitate to snap them up.

All's well that ends well. They still had several Fischer Sceneo 400's in various lengths at the store also reputed to be an excellent ski. And I'm a very happy guy.
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Nothing like finding a treasure! Hopefully they were also steeply discounted to boot.
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