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Atomic new blue GS skiis for women look like....

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.... sandwich skiis. No Beta construction. Just stupdi information for most of you but had to get it off my chest.... Saw a bunch of them on friday....
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I have 2 pair!
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Dont flame me now but do you think the Beta construction will be abandoned on Atomic Racing Skiis in the near future?
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I wouldnt be surprised to see Atomic come up with a new 'beta' type construction, but have it based off a sandwich ski. If they could do this they would obtain advantages from both the sandwich and beta construction. Primarily they would be able to change their molds and ski dimensions very easily and inexpensively. This would be huge for their race department, since they could then justify putting the money into their speed skis, and developing some sort of beta type superG and downhill skis. I would not be surprised to see beta type lobes built into a sandwich ski within the next few seasons. Will they ever ditch beta entirely... i doubt it. It isnt that their technology is amazingly superior to a sandwich ski - it is just different - but they would most likely have to start their development from scratch, and most of the designers im sure are much more familiar with building skis using beta construction, versus other methods. I imagine they will stick to what they are good at.
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Really don't know, but the Slaloms have not abandoned it yet.

the Blue & White ski is a cap design so it still is not "Full Sandwich" construction.

And they put about a 1mm beta look alike profile on the top.

Only time will tell
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Yeah, they had this very slight profile on top, very much like my old Olin off pistskiis from a few years back.
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The true Race skis are in more configurations than you'd think. At Lake Louise I had the chance to spend time with the boot and ski guys, and Rudi Huber, the man who runs the whole global race department for Atomic. As of now, there are 62 moulds for GS skis alone. After testing on the WC, these shapes are analysed and then used to make race product for the masses of racers. The Women's skis you see still make use of Powerchannel construction, but the reason they have a very shallow cleavage is because they are overall thinner to help make them softer. I had a chance to visit the race rooms for both the Austrian and Canadian teams. The shortest race GS ski was 190cm, with most still 193cm w/ 29m turn radius. Various types of profiles were seen, with some true Beta and some more squared.
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Wow. 29 meters?! I'd never finish a course.
That just goes to show the strength and skill level these guys have.
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