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snow in the Tahoe sierra range

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Current weather reports are snow starting soon and continuing up to 10 -12 inches by Sat. Going to Kirkwood Sat. Here we go!!!!!! #30-50 inch base or so they say. Got chains?
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I'm so there.

I'll see you there. I've got a gray Phenix jacket & a red Cortina squirrel on the back of my Giro helmet. I'll be on a pair of 177 Volkl 724 Pros...
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Next weekend (first weekend of Dec) I am all over Squaw and maybe Mt Rose!
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Rose was fun yesterday, 12-16" inches of fresh snow and not real crowded. Only main side is open at the moment, no word on the when the East side will open.
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If we have an early snow next year I'm doing Thanksgiving at my place instead of Boca Raton, FL where I am this week. :
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