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Salomon 720's?

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Hi all,
I was just wondering if the salomon 720's would fit my needs: I am probably an expert level skier, I am 5'10" and weigh about 145. I was wondering how these skis do in normal slope carving, powder, crud, on and off piste, and also performance on the jumps and pipes. Also, I would like a recommendation on size. Would a 161cm be good? The next size up is a 171, and that is up over my eyesbrows, while the 161 is right at the tip of my nose. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Nathan Peffer
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Originally Posted by N.peffer
Hi all,
I was just wondering if the salomon 720's would fit my needs

not good. 720 was the lame little brother to the old 1080 (non spaceframe). Much better skis out there to for your needs.
Skis to look into:
k2 Public enemy
Rossi Scratch
Line Chronic
k2 fujative
and so many other all mnt twin tips.
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04-05 720 not so bad (or so I've heard)

I know the old 720 used to be really lame, but I thought that this year they beefed it up and made it a viable alternative. Maybe demo them if you get a chance. However, if you can afford them def go for the 1080 or Rossi Scratch. If price is an issue, I believe the K2 twins are a better value though they are kinda floppy.

- Ben
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I read other reviews on this ski and they said it was great, so i am wondering if it is what the 2nd poster said- they improved it for 04-05. My last pair of skis were salomon verse 5. How will these skis (720's) compare to the verse's, because i was extremely happy with those. From what i understand those verse 5 are not very high end skis.

Nathan Peffer
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man i had verse 5s too..or 6s i dunno..the blue ones anyways...150. there so flexy...youcan touch your head on the fround and your ski tips still be on the ground too..well i can. i know ride skicross 66 dynastars

to your question...i dunno:P aha
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anyone help me? other opinions?
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I might reccomed the K2 Pulic Enemy

there is some good info here about them compared wiht the 1080
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I agree with everyone else, go with the 1080 or the Rossi Scatch.

720 is the poor boy's twin tip.

I am trying out the 1080 this year. Will be skiing with it out west, but most of the time in Ontario.
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I would look in to vokl v-pro's 170cm

they were discontinued last year so they are cheap.
I have a pair and absolutely love them- Im pretty much the same size and ability as you.
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I made my descision...

I went to the local ski shop where i wa going to purchase my 720's. I then saw in the corner, the 1080's. I had the guy in the shop explan to me why to get the 100's, and i found out that they were last year's model! Well, I ended up getting the 1080's, feeling very happy about my purchase, and they were only $60 ore than this year's 720's. It also works out well because only the graphic changed for this year, and i like the graphic on last year's ski better anyway! Just though I'd let you gys know how I did....
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Congratulations on your purchase! I just got some new PRs, so I am in the twin-tipped Salomon boat now as well....
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Looking for advice

I just purchased a pair of Salomon 1080s - 181cm.
I am 6' 170lbs 25 yrs old

If i'm not spinning 360s in the park I'm usually in the glades.

I'm not sure these 181's are the right length for me.
I keep getting different advice from different people trying to sell me whatever they have in stock. Some say 171, some say 181. My older 1080's are 177s.

Any help in this matter will be much appreciated!
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Well, at the time, I am 5' 10", although I still have some time to grow (I'm 16). A few local ski shops all told me to go for the 161's, even though I might be up to 6' 2". The general concensus is that a longer ski is better for carving, while a shorter ski is better for the park. If you have no trouble spining 360's with your 181's, I'd say you're okay, but they still seem to be too long for you. I would go for the 171's instead, as I think it will give you more control all around, and let you get thay 360 around a little faster.

Nathan Peffer
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Thanks for the input, N.peffer. I compared the two in the store today and decided to go with the 171's. I would like to be pulling off 720's pretty consistently by the end of the season, so might as well have the advantage of the slightly shorter, lighter ski.
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I'm 6-1 190 and went with the LAB (180cm). I didn't have a choice in the size, but I've skied a few days on it and its a great length. I used to ski the mad-trix in the 181 and spinning wasn't a problem (though I've alwasy been to scared to go for more than 360, maybe someone could start a topic on how to go from a 360 to a 720). However, I think any shorter and it would suffer badly carving on steeps. I wouldn't get caught up betwen the 171 and 181 in terms of weight for spinning since you seem like a pretty big guy. Remember, that most of the weight is under your feet in the bindings, not to mentin your body. The difference in angular momementum of the extra bit of spaceframe is not that much compared to weather you extend your forearms out an extra 5 cm's on each side (if you know what I mean). At least in boston and VT, I've seen a couple pairs of last year's 181's for 350ish.

- Ben
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When I finally compared the two sizes in person I realized the weight difference was negligible. I would prefer a shorter ski but I don't want something too unstable.

I went with the shorter of the two knowing that I'll get myself into some tight spots in the trees and wish I had gone shorter if I decided on the 181's. :
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Oh yeah, about the 360-to-720 progression:

I've only attempted and landed one 720 in my 23 years of skiing. It was at Waterville Valley, NH. They had a really nice kicker as wide as the terrain park trail, probably 10-15' high with a tabletop and long, gradual landing.
My friend and I were doing side-by-side 360's all day on this kicker so I knew the feel of it pretty well. It was snowing quite a bit by the end of the day and there was a good deal of powder on the landing (otherwise I don't think I would've tried it).
It was on my mind all day, I really wanted to do it but was pretty damn nervous! On the last run of the day I decided to go for it...
I approached it just as I do for a 360 but with a bit more speed. Takeoff was the same but I tried to spin a little faster than usual. I was a bit disoriented in the air because of the higher spin rate, but luckily was able to stay 'on-axis'. The only advice I can give you after that is try to spot the landing...if you're not coming around enough, abort the 7 and land a 540...still not bad! I really don't remember much about how I managed to land it but afterwards I looked a little something like this: ...or was it this: :

My goal by the end of this season is to be consistently landing 720's. I'll keep you updated with any progress. Maybe post a few pics if I feel like bringing the camera along.

Here's to ridiculous kickers and soft powder landings.

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