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Well, sort of.

This is my studio. The photo of me is godawful. Even though he was a professional photographer, he held the camera for about 5 minutes before he actually took a shot. Thus the "stressed" expression on my face.
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Good job!
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LM, it looks like you settled in very successfully. Now don't move, I just have to get the camera adjusted!

A toast to the good life and fresh mountain air. later, RicB.
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Nice, LM! I think he just wanted to see how long you could hold that pose before you gave up... Practicing what you preach and all...
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We call that static balance! BTW, if any Summit County residents have a copy of that edition, I'd appreciate it. That was the one day I didn't pick it up! Thanks!
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Looks great Lisa. We sure miss your classes here in Mass but it sounds like you're in the right place.
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Good job, LM! Sounds like its all going well!
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Congrats Lisamarie!

Now that's a lot of Bozus.
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Thanks, Everyone! Come say Hi if you're ever in Summit County!
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So, LM, how is the business going? Seems like you've gotten a number of clients, so I'm sure that you're clientele will grow pretty quickly...
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Hi ssh, I'm just noticing this now. My clientele is made up of local restaurant owners, Copper Instructors, Ambasadors and OTG leaders. They are a great group of people who love challenges, and any sort of routine that is not the same old same old people that can be found in the rec centers and other studios.
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Sweet! I'll be sure to let my OHG groups know about your studio. I'll have to snag a few brochures from you one of these times when we cross paths...

I'll be at Copper on Saturday...
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