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Hey guys.....

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I'm new to the forum, i've been lurking for about a week and finally decided to introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I live in Maryland(where the skiing sucks) However I take trips to Seven Springs PA, and Breckenridge Colorado every year. I ski with (new) K2 Public Enemies and i'm chomping at the bit to head up to PA for a week and and tear up whatever they have(its been warm round here) That is all.
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You aren't any different than alot of peeps in this forum. We all want to ski, everyday, anyday. Alot of us don't live in a ski area, either. At least your within several hours drive! Unlike me. .......It is six or seven hours to NC and that's not what I like to call skiing, but it'll do in a pinch.
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As we say in the Lumber Biz, " Welcome A Board!"
Post the next time your @ Breck, & will do some turns!
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