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Some questions about Ski Goggles

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1. Does anyone have any experience with 'phototropic' goggles? I'd like to hear an opinion from someone other than a salesman at a ski shop.

2. Can anyone tell me the best color lens for skiing in very flat light, such as extremely overcast days?

3. Skiing in the shade: there are sunny days when almost all of my skiing is done in shade, on the north side of the mountain; any recommendations for goggles for skiing in the shade?

4. Has anyone had any experience treating the lenses of their goggles to prevent the accumulation of ice from snow guns working on the mountain? Sometimes, as when the wind shifts, it's impossible to avoid the blast of ice crystals. Keeping them from sticking would be much better than trying to scrape them off with my fingernails in the middle of a run.
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I don't have phototropic lenses so I can't comment on that but I assume they help filter out blue light or help people with sensitive eyes.

I use vermillion lenses for a good mix of flat light, sun, and shade.

I'm not sure if anything would stop the stupid snowgun crystals from sticking to lenses.
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I play around with two lenses, swapping in the correct one for the day's conditions. My dark lens with the mirror finish is used on sunny days only. For all other days (cloudy, overcast or snowing) I use a yellow lens. It takes a minute to swap the lens in/out. I have Arnette Series II goggles that I got new off eBay for $35, and I bought the yellow lens for $12 from some online store.
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I have a pair of bolle phototropics
they darken with more sunlight and of course lessen in lower light
the lenses are amber in shade which worked better on sunnier conditions. orange ,yellow or rose lenses brighten the terrain in lower light
you may want to look at a white sheet of paper thru your goggles, this may help you differentiate the colors or shades on the white background ,much like snow
It's all good . You could always get more than one pair
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I have tried lots of colors and I vastly prefer vermillion.

I also saw blue used in the Olympics but I have not seen a recreational skier use them. I would like to know if anyone has used blue.
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Originally posted by worldfishnski:
I would like to know if anyone has used blue.
They open up my irises so much my eyes hurt at the end of the day. I hate to think of the low-term additional exposure to UV because of this. Mostly I like mirrored glasses to keep the light levels down.
If I have to wear goggles, I keep their use to a minimum until I can look after the mirrored ones properly and not get them bashed and scratched.

There is a set of shades called cloudbusters for pilots and these are great at improving definition.
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I have two pair of goggles Carrera's mirror lens for sunny day's and Brieko rose lens for most day's. The spare pair is never very far away.
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Oakley High blue iridium for the flat light days.

It is yellow with a slight pearly finish.
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I also have the Bolle phototropic and like the range from bright sun to moderate overcast. I have a clear goggle for night skiing or stormy days.
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Here's another vote for the Oakley HI blue for flat light.
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The Oakley Hi blue iridiums, look like this;

This is a pic of me covered up at Lake Louise when the village temp was -35 celcius and up top it was pushing -48 degrees celcius. I managed to ski for 6 hours that day, with only an hour off for a warm lunch. Lot's of hiking, short powder turns and fast long turns helped keep my toes and hands warm.

Awesome day, powder was so so so very dry and deep.

This is a pic of me when it is nice and warm - say -10;

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