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Ski tube required?

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What's the conventional wisdom around flying with skis? I have a couple of trips planned that will mean flying with my skis, and I'm concerned about arriving at my destination with pieces of skis. Should I try to find a hard case, or am I just being paranoid?
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Why take chances?

I have a sportstube, and when waiting for my skis at baggage claim, about 90% of skis are in regular bags. So, it's probably ok.

My point of view? Why take chances? If you're going to spend that much money on new skis/bindings, why not spend a little bit extra for added protection/peace of mind.

My .02.

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I use a soft-side padded ski bag and have had no problems with airline handling. The drawback with a hard-sided case is, when you arrive and try to put this rigid bulky container in a rental car or SUV it will always be in the way; if it fits at all. A padded ski bag can fit in a vehicle, or the skis can be removed and the bag can just be folded up allowing you to use a ski rack. Mine is built for 2-pairs and has tiedowns, so I usually pack extra clothing to further pad the skis. Also has rollers for easy dragging, sholder sling and suitcase handle.

A hard-side case protects skis from bending and impact on the ends, but still transfers shock from dropping, which seems to be the most common shipping issue. Use soft-side and extra padding.
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I would highly recommend a hardcase. last year my R11's got hammered. they were in a padded double bag with Large velcro straps around the tip & tail of each pair of skis. The topskin got chipped off up near the contact point of the tip. Granted this is the 1st damage I have ever experienced traveling, but they I patched it with a boat gelcoat kit and came damn close to matching the color. I am going Sporttube from now on!
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tough choice

I have used both with pretty good results. The tubes can be a bit bulky...especially if you use a double. The straps inside should be given a good inspection on how they are mounted...that is the weak link with the 'popular' brand ski tube.

When I use a ski bag....I usually bubble wrap the skis. Still find the bags do get damaged if you travel a lot...they seem to get holes fairly easily......

Good packing will help preserve a nice tune job as well!
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