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Good Boot shop near Alta, UT?

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Hello. Going to Alta/Snowbird in a week, and a friend of mine needs to buy new boots. Can anybody recommend a good boot shop near there?

We'll be staying in the Sandy area.

Thank you in advance.

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Here is one. http://www.superiorski.com/skiboot.html
Also, look at the front page of Epicski, which gives you this;
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Sorry about that. Should've seen that link. Thank you for the reply.
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Look under "Additional Submissions" #5 (Keoki)
I have read many good comments about Earl and Sport Loft.
Particularly his fitting work.
Boot prices sound dead on retail.
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I had pretty good service with The Lift House (Ft. Union Blvd & Wasatch Blvd - it's right near the Stop-N-Go right at the entrance of Big Cottonwood Canyon - there's also a stoplight). Most people buy their boots too big, because the liners will pack out. They're also pretty good about boot modifications - punching out the shell, grinding the inside of the shell, etc. Plus at the Lift House you can get discout tickets, $10 off a Snowbird tram lift ticket, and I'm sure they have a combined Alta/Snowbird ticket.

The key to buying new ski boots:

1. Take the liners out of both boots, and get your toes touching the front of the shell, you should have at least two fingers at your heel.

2. Try on lots of boots, and your friend will find one that fits him.

3. Walk around in the boots for somewhere between 5 to 15 minutes, and go outside (it's a lot colder than the shop - typical skiing weather), if they will let you.

4. Narrow your choices down to at least three pair of boots.

Any knowledgable ski shop in Salt Lake, Alta, Snowbird will narrow your friend's choices down and recommend a boot that your friend can live with.
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Also try the Deep powder house in the Alta Lodge. This time of year you'll have no problems getting in and getting some TLC. The lift house is good, but a bit pricey, imo.

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Thank you to all

I appreciate all your feedback. I'll pass it along to my friend.

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One important thing is to take your time, and don't let the deep, powerful urge to get out in the fresh powder that fell last night rush you into buying something that doesn't feel right. PS, Isn't there a good on slope bootfitter at solitude, (not that far from Alta by car -and if you ar in the SL area, I highly recommend solitude) or is my memory off?
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Agree on time

I'm totally w. you on taking our time. We arrive on Sat too late to ski, but plenty of time to try on boots. I just hope it keeps on snowing.

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Deal with the place on the mountain, that way if..err when you need some adjustments you are right there.
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