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ESA: Share shuttle to Big Sky?

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I've booked a shuttle trip with Mountain Taxi (see http://www.bigskytaxi.com).

For 2 people, the cost is $70, but if 2 more people will need a lift to or from Big Sky at the same time, the cost would be only $5 more per person. (In other words, if there are 4 people on the shuttle, the cost is $20/person. If one more person comes, the cost would be $25/person.)

Mr delta and I are arriving on Saturday Jan 22, at 1pm. If you are arriving within an hour of that time and would like to share the shuttle with us, please PM me. Similarly, we are leaving Huntley on Sat Jan 29 at about 11am or so.
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If you were leaving earlier on 29th I might be interested.
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We are driving from Colorado on Saturday morning. Although we only have three in the van , I sincerely doubt we could make it to Big Sky Airport by 1:00.
As far as our return goes, we are open to leaving either Saturday or Sunday. We have room for 3 more people.
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I was going to ask how much earlier, but LM's offer clearly trumps. Actually, if you guys wouldn't mind leaving on Saturday morning, we'd love to take those other 2 spots (I've only booked the airport pick-up so far). I don't mind getting to the airport a bit earlier, as it seems unlikely we could squeeze any more turns in on Sat morning anyway.
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My wife and I will be arriving at 4:30 pm saturday and returning the next saturday at 1pm. It may be too early for you (Delta couple) but may work on the return leg. We will be looking for someone who'd like to join us for the BZN-Big Sky leg.
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My flight arrives in Bozeman on SUNDAY morning at 10:30, and leaves FRIDAY morning at 11:00. Is anyone flying at similar times and interested in sharing a shuttle?
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Has anyone checked with the Huntley to see if they are running a shuttle? The company I work for has an annual user conference at Big Sky and the Huntley provides shuttle service to and from the airport for us.
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Big Sky Resort sent me a flyer titled Winter Transportation Information that doesn't mention a Huntley shuttle. Three vendors are mentioned:

Classic Limo: 866-688-5466 or 406-585-5466
Karst Stage: 800-287-4759 or 406-388-2293
Mountain Taxi: 1-406-995-4895
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