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Snow temp vs. Air temp

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Wondering if there is a general rule for calculating snow temp from knowing air temp -- or would that be like trying to calculate the temp of a body of water or pavement from just air temp? It doesn't have to be exact, I just want a better feel for what wax ranges to use.
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Current air temp wouldn't do you much good. Previous air temp would be a better predictor. If air temp is steady for a stretch eventually the snow surface will start to match but the snow will cool and heat more gradually. It will still vary with sun exposure, wind, snow density, snow depth, what lies under the snow pack, etc. The ski techs all jam thermometers in the though because that's the only true way.
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Thanks, that was kind of what I was thinking. Still, all I really need to know is whether to use red, yellow, or blend, not to get the absolutly precise reading. e.g. if its generally in the 30s with overnight lows in the 10-20s, is red best? That kind of thing. It sounds like looking at a trend over the last day or so is the best bet...
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