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ESA Room and Lift needed...

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Can anyone help me?
I'm arriving in Bozeman at about 6.30pm on Saturday 22nd, and flying out again on Saturday 29th at about 12pm.
Firstly, is anyone going to be near the airport at those times to give me a lift either way?

Secondly, anyone still need a roomshare?

Will thank you with beer, and may even pay you in hard currency!
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Hey Fox! We are driving from CO. on Sat. morning. I'm not sure what time we would be getting near the airport. As far as the return, we can leave either Saturday or Sunday, time is negotiable.
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Hi Fox- I am arriving on Sunday and leaving on Friday, but I may still need a room share; my friend who is coming may be getting his own room. I will find out and let you know.
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OK, thanks!
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hey what about my room share, Zorro?

I can probably give you a lift to/from the Bozo airport. I have to drive (almost) by it to get to Big Friggin' Sky.

also, I saw that you're down for the Bridger day on Friday, I can lift you there too.

same stupid white truck, same stupid driver.
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Deal done, Gonzo!

My cheque is in the post...

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If you need a place to sleep in Bozeman anytime during that period let me know. My spare bed might be taken but I have an inflatable mattress and plenty of beer in the 'fridge. I could also pick you up at the airport or drop you off either Saturday.
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