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Originally Posted by skier_j
Feels just like you hit a bus:
Are you speaking from experience? :
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Originally Posted by BillA
Are you speaking from experience? :
Yessir! 2nd degree AC joint seperation and knocked my self out (with a helmet). And it cost me many ,many rounds of beer.:
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I have a blown ankle from "El tool del Diablo", no more snowboarding for Flexon Phil.
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Originally Posted by lonefrontranger

Okay, so someone please explain the lawn dart to this clueless spore. I kind of picture it looking like an out of control slide into 3rd base?
Go of a jump and head for a front flip, when at 90 degrees to the ground straighten, continue straight ahead with your tails up and tips down till your head impails in the ground /oposing cliff dartboad like......if don well you should tuck and rolll in the last 0.2 seccond, land on your skis and head for the next lemming stylee cliff
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tom@cham, got a vid? id love to see someone actaully do it..or try it and not succeed
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ive got a few videos of lawndarts, both sccessful and failed. i think the "proper" name is a front flyaway, but they're also known as superman flips
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"Tree Brake" (emergency use only)
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