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Easy Print Ski Tongue

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I purchased a pair of the Easy Print Ski Tongue Boot Fitting Aids ( Master Foot website sells these as well as some ski shops now). Felt maybe they would take up some room in the cuff of my boots and provide a better fit for my skinny calves in my boots. I had the Boster Strap installed last year, and had the strap screwed into the back of the boot so you could really pull it taunt.

I don't know what to make of the tongues. When installed with the velcro pads they come with they don't fit flush on the liner tongue as well as I would have expected. They do as advrtised take up volume. I 'm wondering if this extra layer of padding will however "deaden" the response you get from the cuff and front of the ski boot?

Anybody have any experience with this product. I'd be curious to hear your comments and experience. That's what happens when there's no skiing to be had, you end up buying ski stuff you probably don't need. Everybody loves to tinker with their boots though.
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To a certain degree the foam has some memory and if you're careful how you place them early on the should work into a good shape for you. It is pretty soft foam and will eventually compress which becomes less an issue of deadening the feel but no longer takes up as much volume. I used to take blue sleeping mat foam and hockey tape it on the the tongue. It is denser and you just add layers as need be. I would put in on the outside between the tongue and shell so I kept the original shape of the tongue against my leg.
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I think with Booster Straps and boot tongue foam add-ons your calves must be very skinny - like a fashion model's -. I think you ought to break down and get custom liners - Intuition (overlap - no tongue) and Moldable Liners (www.MoldableLiners.com) - overlap and with a liner tongue. I have had my Intuition liners through two pairs of boots (about a pound lighter, warmer, and somewhat stiffer), and I like them. I have Booster Straps - the regular model.

Maybe you should get a heel lift (tacky glue in to the boot heel shell) and it that doesn't help, get some bulk boot padding in different thicknesses - that's a lot cheaper than an Intuition liner ($129, I think).
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My wife got a kick out of the fashion model reference, my feminine side also thinks its funny. The tongues were only $22 , so if I don't end up using them they weren't a big expenditure.

I switched two years ago from the Head WorldCup SP boot to the Dalbello V Pro's which represented a substantial increase in volume. Everything is a trade off, the Head boots fit great skied great, but on the coldest of days after 2 hours I had popsicle toes and would annoyingly have to go inside for 20 minutes. I have the boot toe muffs too, which work OK but I really don't like having them over my boots. The Dalbellos are a warmer boot, but there are probably better choices fit wise for me. I wear a 101/2 shoe and have a 27 shell.

Next boots hopefully will be the Dalbello Kryptons which fit wise will be less volume and probably not need much modification. I think the Booster Strap is a very good product and I had it permanently installed with a screw into the back of the shell and it works even better that way for me.
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I wanted to second the recommendation by L7 to put the tounges between the shell and liner. I have used a set of similar "Inst2Print" and found they worked best outside. I don't use the velcro anymore, the pressure of the buckles holds it in place. And yes, they take up volume (about 2 buckle-notches worth). They don't seem to significantly reduce boot response. With regard to boot response, having persistent contact is much more responsive than a loose fit.

Good luck. Like you said, the investment is small for something that could help a great deal.
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