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Happy Thanksgiving

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Don't forget to give thanks. Have a good one everybody.
Me, I,m going hunting in the morning, dinner at 3 with the family.
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You beat me to it, Lars...

I am grateful for so much. Among those things is my relationship with so many of you here. Thank you, AC and team for creating and maintaining this site. Thank you to all of you who make it so valuable. Thank you to those who have been so willing to patiently explain to this "old dog" some of the "new tricks."

Have a wonderful holiday of gratitude.

...and always pray for snow!
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Graet Day everyone. Enjoy yourself, but don't forget that every pound you gain this holiday season is another pound you have to ski off (or reset your DIN?)....BTW I am planning on two pieces of pumpkin pie. I hope I don't regret it later.

Happy Thanksgiving
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Who and what I'm thankful for:

Markxs for bringing me to Colorado

My awesome Summit County and Colorado friends who made me feel welcome and put up with my "gaperisms" especially Bob Barnes, Mikewil, Katy, Tom Burch, RustyGuy, skier31, bong , ssh.

Bonni, for putting up with way too many emails from me!

Early season snow!

Cheap season's passes!

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Hope you all had a good one, on snow or hunting or simply doing nothing!
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Hey Matteo! You missed your birthday party!
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