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president's week(crowd info)

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Like many ski-loving Americans, I'm planning a ski trip with my dad over president's week. This is a very convenient time to go, as I have no school and my dad can miss a couple days of work. Unfortunately, many people have this same idea, this produces crowds which rival those of Christmas. I was pretty sure that Alta/Snowbird was the best place to go, but after reading several reviews saying that Alta/Snowbird and other major resorts should be avoided on Presiden't week, I considered Jackson Hole. So, I guess that questions I have are: is Alta/Snowbird really crowded on President's week as people make it seem? and is Jackson Hole any better that Alta/Snowbird on President's week?

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Jackson will def. be the better of the 2.
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Try Montana

Try Big Sky or Big Mountain. Colorado and Utah resorts will be very crowded during President's week.
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