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Fischer RX6 for the East

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With lots of good advice, I've narrowed my search for a versatile Eastern ski to Elan S10, Dynastar SC9 and Fischer RX6. Not much chance to demo, unfortunately.

I'm a high intermediate skier, male 145 lbs, 5'11'', generally prefer short turns, and am looking for a one-ski solution to a variety of groomed, crud, bumpy and icy conditions (no powder here).

There's lots of great input here on the S10 and SC9, but not much on the RX6. Can anyone offer an informed opinion on the suitability of the RX6 for me, and on how it would compare to the S10 and SC9?

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I do not have any direct experience, but my dad skied the RX6 last year and LOVED it. He is about your weight, but only about 5'7" like myself. He is a very good skier though. He said that the ski was VERY easy and just loved to turn. He skied the 165, but i suspect that he could easily downsize to the 160. I suspect that if he ditches his Fischer RC4 SC's, that he will be on an RX6. The ski cross 9 is also an excellent ski, but i dont think it is going to turn as fast as the S10 or RX6. The S10 is about on par with the RX6, with the RX6 probably being slightly stiffer and not as smooth. I would count out the SC9 for short turns, and narrow your selection to the S10 or RX6.

I am a huge Elan fan, but ill try to give an unbiased opinion on both skis based on other reviews and manufacturer characteristics. The RX6 is going to be solid and snappy. It will have good edgehold and give a great feel for the snow - as in you will feel most of the terrain you are on - whether it is ice, powder, groomed, etc. The S10 is going to have a smooth damp feel, with more a subtle power within it. It will feel smooth, but when you really lay into it - you will get a solid powerful rebound - but it will be a gradual release - unlike the Fischer that will have a lot of energy all at once. The Elan also will offer a much smoother ride while sacraficing some of the power that is in the fischer. See which qualities are important for you and make you decision based on that. You cant go wrong with either ski, and will defintiely be pleased no matter what ski you chose.


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Heluva, that's basically my experience with the RX8 and S12. The Fischers just seem to have a bit more energy in them. My recommendation would be the RX6, as well.
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FWIW, my 16 y.o. nephew skis the RX6 here in the east and loves them! He's in the 170-180# range and skis the 170's, highly athletic (on elite/traveling soccer teams year round) and skis them everywhere.
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Curtis, spend a few dollars more and get the RX8. It'll take you to the next skill level without overpowering you. Nordica SUV 12 with XBS would also be a good choice.
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I ski the RX 8, but for your weight the RX 6 is probably the better bet.
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Given your self described ski level, I'd avoid the Rx-8. It's a great ski but forgiveness is not its' middle name and it will punish you for your mistakes.
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The RX6 is a really nice ski. It skis much like the RX8, but it has a little less side cut and a bit softer flex, which makes it less demanding in bumps. It is a good all around ski and a good choice for your weight.

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Would anyone recommend anything other than 165 cm and a FX10 Railflex binding?

And does anyone know a good source for Fischer equipment? Retail availability is very limited in my area.

Thanks again for the great input.
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Go with the 165 - nothing else. Try Cupolo's in Niagra Falls. They just started carrying Fischer this year. Give the shop a call and ask for Andy Price. Tell him the Greg from the UB Ski Team sent you. He will set you up pretty well im sure. Jay from the shop also lurks around here periodically, so he may be able to tell you exactly what they have remaining in inventory. Just don't let Andy try to talk you into Atomics (he likes them a lot). Their # is 905-356-4850. It is a great shop with a great staff. They are also having a pretty big sale this weekend. It started today and is running until Sunday. Friday is usually the busiest day of the sale. I think that reps from each company are present, so your chances of getting an RX6 are pretty good.
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Originally Posted by Curtis
Would anyone recommend anything other than 165 cm and a FX10 Railflex binding?

And does anyone know a good source for Fischer equipment? Retail availability is very limited in my area.

Thanks again for the great input.
Just do it, Curtis. You'll love those RX6s with the RailFlex 10s!
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I bought the RX6s last season with the FX10 bindings. I ski in the east/northeast, but last season did all my skiing in the Poconos, PA (hardpack, icy, mostly man-made). I really like these skis and had a blast on them. I'm 6' tall, weigh ~165 in the winter, and would consider myself somewhere between intermediate & advanced, i.e. high interm. (I can ski east coast blacks -- and some double-blacks -- but I prefer cruising the blues with some nastar thrown in.) I like 'em short so I went with the 165cm length. I liked that I could push them in the mornings, yet they'd be forgiving later in the day when fatigue set in. They were more stable than the narrower-waist Atomic 9.18s skis I used for the previous 3-4 seasons (180cm) with as much edge grip as I needed.

I got a killer deal on mine from Rusty Guy, who posts here. I haven't been 'round here much lately, so I don't know if he still has his Fischer contacts, but I'd check with him b4 I purchased Fischer skis, if that's what you decide to do.
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Thanks for the input. I know that Rusty Guy now reps for Nordica, and he provided some great input on the Nordica line.

I'm sure he still has his Fischer contacts, and he may be able to help.

Thanks again.
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I can get you a pair of RX6's, new or used! I would have to double-check the price at work tomorrow, but I believe the RX6 is $475 with binding. I also have last season's RX6 in a demo for $325. PM me if you are interested in a pair...

I would concur with the other posters that the RX6 is a bit more livelier than the Elan S-series. We are dealer for both Elan and Fischer, so I have quite a bit of time on both skis. I would rank the S10 a bit above the RX6 in terms of stability and suitability for aggressive skiers-the RX6 is more in line with the S8, IMO. Still, the Fischer seems a bit livelier, the S-series a bit smoother, but still powerful. To me, the RX6 feels similiar to a slalom race ski-very quick, stable if kept on edge. A versatile ski in the crud and bumps as well-I really liked skiing it off and on last year. The RX8 has a heavier, high-speed feel and is nowhere near as versatile-the RX6 is a fun, playful ski for those who like a high-energy ski. It was actually as close to a race-slalom feel that I have experienced in a non-race ski.

I will say that in selling the RX6 last year, the skiers I put on this ski either loved or hated it. Most of those hating the ski were old-timers with traditional technique and were looking for a smooth, forgiving ski (K2 and Volant come to mind). I often had them take up 2 skis (the RX6 and K2 Escape 5500) and compare the 2, as they are a very different feel. It gave me a good clue as to what type of skier they were, and what type of skis they might be happy on. It was a very popular ski with higher-energy skiers, and those learning modern technique. I am 5 foot 9, 150lbs, and ski the 165 for motoring around the groomed. That wouldn't be the best West-Coast crud length though, but then again, this isn't a West-Coast crudbuster ski.

Hope this helps...
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I haven't followed-up with you yet because I'm trying to find a Canadian source for the skis, if I can.

I would really like to avoid the customs issues that I may have in having skis shipped to me from the US, and I'm a little reluctant to deal with Cupolo's at the moment, given recent reports of reliability issues.

Let me see if I can find a solid Canadian source, and if not I'll be in touch.

Thanks again for your offer of help.
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