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Gore Mountain, NY?

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My familiy and friends are planning a ski trip to Gore Mountain, NY in March '05.
What do all of you think about Gore?
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What do YOU think about it?

Tell us what research you've done, and we'll confirm or deny the hype.
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Hey xdog.

What’s up with the attitude?

There was no need for YOUR BS. I came here looking for opinions from people who I assume may have a little more knowledge about Gore.

If you prefer not to give your opinion, then do so. Ignore my question.

No need for snooty comebacks.

I truly hope you have a great ski season!
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Gore Mt, NY

I didn't like the mountain layout, terrain, lifts, base facilities, kids ski school, or location. Keep driving to Whiteface, Killington, or anyplace else!
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I liked Gore quite a bit when I was there 3 years ago. Friendly staff/people. Lift and food prices were pretty reasonable. Trails well kept. Good elbow room. Nice gondola. We didn't do the kids' program, so I can't comment on that.

The layout of the mountain was kind of odd but it kept the larger crowd away from the main side (the back) of the mountain. We went during late season where everything was pretty much melted away, including the base. When I got to the back side, it shocked me to see how winter never left. Too bad they had to close it the week after due to the condition on the base side of the mountain.

Be forewarned that it is a pretty long way to ski from the top of Gore to the base. So, plan around young kids and/or company that can't ski for the duration, especially towards the end of the day.

Have fun and give us a report, will you?
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When Gore has a lot of natural snow it has tree skiing to rival anything in the East. I’m sure many who read this who have never skied there will think I’m full of crap, but when the whole mountain is open it has a lot to offer. That said, when they’re depending on man-a-made it’s ok for a day, but it will get boring for a vacation. In March you have a good shoot of hitting it good. Also Whiteface is only about an hour north and well worth the trip. Have fun.

Tahawus Glades

Kill Kare Glades

Straightbrook Glades

Chatiemac Glades

Double Barrel - expert

High Pines - expert

Otter Slide Glades

Dark Side Glades - expert

Twister Glades
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I agree wholeheartedly on the tree skiing. I was wondering if your familiar with the Tahawus "backcountry" area? I was back there on my mountain bike this past fall and it looked like there might be some nice skiing in there. I'm wondering if it's ever open.

pray for snow...
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That wasn't BS, or snooty. You just need to give a starting point.

When you throw down such a broad based, open ended Q, folks are hesitant to dive in and type a long, involved answer when they don't know what you already know. You tend to then get replies only from noobs on the board who still have patience for other noobs.

See, I was actually trying to help, BS or snooty would've been, "Use the search function, you tool."
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wbray, I'm pretty sure the area you're referring to is used for Nordic skiing. You have to be careful at Gore, if you go off course you can end up in a very flat area.
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For intermediates Gore is as good or better than Whiteface. It gets crowded on weekends, but should be ok by March when the hoards from NY and points south start thinking about nonski stuff.
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Gore vs Whiteface

I've skied both early season last year... Gore seemed to be doing a little better on the keeping snow on the mountain front, but doesn't quite have the vertical and surrounding life (Lake Placid, etc) that Whiteface does. Lake Placid has food, nightlife, childrens entertainment, history, bobsledding, etc.. Gore's surroundings tend to be a bit on the "sleepy" side. Also, if you get a nice dump of snow the rockslides (assuming you have some experts) area of Whiteface is supposed to be extremely challenging and fun.

Hope this helps,

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