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Comparing the ESA...

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For those of you who have attended the ESA in the past, I would really like to hear some of your thoughts on how it compares to alternatives, what those alternative have been (or might have been) for you, and how the ESA addressed your needs.

If you have a minute, post your thoughts. Part of this is raw curiosity, part feeding my anticipation for this year's ESA.
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One of the things that distinguishes ESA from othe ski workshops is your year round familiarity with the coaches, as well as the other students. You can discuss what your "issues" are both before and after the Academy. The comraderie and the humor that exists on the forum carries over to ESA.

The coaches are always full certs, as compared to something like Okemo Women's Spree, where you may have a Level 1 instructor teaching a level 5 class. The other 4-day workshop I've participated in was the Whistler Ski E'Spirit. While the Whistler workshop will teach you how to survive more challenging terrain, ESA will actually teach you how to ski it better.

Other perks, the Apres Ski Sessions, the alignment, etc.

Oh, and we won't talk about the ski workshop in Bormio Italy......
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What do you mean when you say that "the Whislter workshop will teach you how to survive more challenging terrain"? What's different about the Ski E'Spirit program?
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At Whistler, we learned lots of defensive maneuvers such as hockey stops. While this may work as a "bail out" procedure, it ultimately causes your skiing to lack fluidity. I've only taken that workshop twice, and while it has its good points, the instructors seem more concerned with having you ski more challenging terrain, than having you ski it efficiently.
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the biggest advantage is knowing that your coach/instructor knows very well the games of skiing and teaching.

as one who quit taking private and group lessons because of half-arsed instructors, I found ESA to be an ideal learning setting.
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