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Can anybody compare??

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I am trying to get a feel for the terrain at Northstar-Tahoe and Sugar Bowl. Looking for upper beginner/lower intermediate runs. We have skied both Keystone and Breck. Blues at Keystone are a little out of our range. Blues on Peak 7 of Breck were about right. How do the difficulty of the blues at Northstar or Sugar compare to those at Keystone or Breck.
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found object

from a tahoe skier's blog:
Base Elevation: 6330'
Vertical Rise: 2280'
Snow Conditions: (530) 562-1330
Information: (530) 562-2286
Reservations: (800) GO-NORTH
Website: http://www.skinorthstar.com/winter/
25% advanced, 50% intermediate, 25% beginner

Northstar is an outstanding area for advanced beginners and intermediate
skiers because it offers a large number very long "blue" runs. In my
opinion, many of the "black diamond" runs at this area should really be
considered "blue" too. (Some locals refer to Northstar as "Flatstar".)
If you like long, well-groomed cruiser runs, this is the best place to go
in the Tahoe area. The cruise from the top of Mt Pluto down to the village
is real thigh burner (~2 miles long.) Advanced skiers will find the best
runs on the backside of the mountain, where they've recently upgraded the
old triple chair to be an express quad lift.

Northstar is considered the best place to go in bad weather because it is
well sheltered and has lots of trees which help visibility on the slopes.

Sugar Bowl
Base Elevation: 6883'
Vertical Rise: 1500' to top of Mt. Lincoln
Snow Conditions: (530) 426-1111
Information: (530) 426-9000
Website: http://www.sugarbowl.com/
45% advanced, 40% intermediate, 15% beginner

Sugar Bowl is very popular with skiers from the San Francisco and
Sacramento areas because is is about 1/2 hour closer to home than the
three large north Lake Tahoe resorts (Squaw, Alpine, Northstar.) It
is also cheaper to ski here than at the larger resorts. Sugar Bowl
often has the best snow conditions in north Tahoe and despite being
smaller, it offers more than enough terrain to prevent any skier from
becoming bored for at least one full day. Sugar Bowl has a good
reputation for providing a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere.

The best advanced skiing at Sugar Bowl is usually directly below the
upper half of the Silver Belt chair lift and, if you're willing to
hike just a little bit, off the east face of Mt Disney. The best
moguls are usually on the run called Market Street, accessible from
the Disney chair. Intermediate runs, which tend to be very well
groomed, are available off every chair lift at the resort. Beginners
can have a great time skiing the green and blue runs off of the
Christmas Tree lift.
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villagenut, Northstar is the beginner/intermediate area of the Tahoe basin. Sugar Bowl has blues, but they are going to be more like the Keystone blues than the Peak 7 blues. Northstar actually has more trees, too, so is more protected from the weather.

My recommendation for you would be Northstar.

My favorite Tahoe area is Sugar Bowl...
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I agree. Based on your parameters, I would recommend Northstar. Even though I'm more advanced, I ski there a quite a bit. Two reasons are for convenience (I rent a place about 5 miles away) and we like the long cruisers on the back side (they make great GS courses). Also the tree skiing both on the front and backsides is fun after fresh snow.
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I have had a great time skiing both Northstar and Sugar Bowl. I think the assessments above to be accurate, but think that there is some great tree ski skiing at Northstar. I consider myself and expert skier and heard that Northstar was 'flat', so went there expecting 'blue heaven', hooked up with some locals and skied untracked powder all day in the trees.

My recollection of the blues at Sugar Bowl and Northstar was they were well groomed and reasonable. Sugar Bowl may intimidate some because there is some interesting chutes and steeps.

If you are in North tahoe you owe it to yourself to ski at Squaw and Alpine Meadows for the views. The lake view from Alpine Meadows is especially spectacular.

I hope you have a fabulous trip.
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